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June 16, 2010



Wow. She's what I'd call a handful! I love that she wanted to know how to draw a B in Chinese! It sounds like she has her mama's curiosity and zest for life . . . and then some!

Great link, Gillian. Thanks for the smile! xoxo g

Preeti Shenoy

Oh My God! What a story to tell when she is older! :)

What a darling she is! Kiss her for me please :)

Tara Bradford

Oh my! Little B is quite the inquisitive girl. Hmmm, sounds familiar. Could it be she's her mother's daughter??!!:) xoxox


If I could love her any more than I do, this latest escapade would ensure it!
I love her spirit.

soeurs du jour

not the first one to call 911 i am sure. someone has to challenge you for you to grow, lol.


Yep she is one to watch!
I can see that shrugging it off like it was nothing...
Busy B


Oh, and i thought I had stories to tell about my children! This one will stay with you for years to come. :)


OMG!! Gill, you must have been so shocked!! Thank you for the very funny story Gill, I actually guffawed when I read (thankfully I had just swallowed that mouthful of cofee ). I love hearing stories of how children keep us on our toes and never cease to have that element of surprise. Little B sounds like a very funny and interesting little girl!


You are cracking me up. Cracking up!!


On no but still, so funny! You have me grinning from ear to ear with this story. Doh je, Gillian!

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