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June 02, 2010



I love all you share
Blessings sweet friend

Kim Mailhot

I think it is never too late to sit that 11 year old version of yourself down and let her ask away. If she is visiting your thoughts now, she may just have something to tell you as well !
This aging thing is quite something. As I hit 45 this year I have that same feeling of how did it all get here so fast? Ahhh to have a chance to do it all again withwhat I am learning now...many that is what Heaven is for ?
In the mean time, let's live the heck out of this precious life, right this minute !
Big Love to you, you ageless beauty ! ;)


Congratulations on being honored by Typepad.

What special thoughts well written. I have looked at my shoes sometimes and wondered why I was wearing big peoples shoes when I am still a little girl tucked away somewhere inside of me.

gillian of the dreamingPress

Even better, I sat my ten year old down tonight and we spent an hour and a half talking about things that are bothering her. Maybe in my empathetic way I simply picked up on her troubles, I'm happy we addressed them anyways...kids need us so much and yet are reluctant to reach out.
I'm living the heck out of life, indeed! Thanks Kim xoxo


I know exactly what you mean. Only I'm forever 17, not 11.

Lori S.

Love the post. I too can relate. Also, I am in LOVE with the picture! It is gorgeous!!!


last night kath told me she was heading out to the backyard to bbq chicken, in spite of the "w's" all over the patio. she can't even say the word worm.


such love here.

Tanya @ Life in 3D

you are lovely xo

Account Deleted

i love this post! i am still in so many ways that eleven year old girl. these past days i've also been surprised - even had smallish panic attacks when i've looked in the mirror... or seen a photo... looked at my hands...
thank you for the post! it's beautiful...


Such a pretty picture Gill.


I'm coming up on another birthday and I cannot reconcile the woman in the mirror with the girl I feel I still am. Soul sisters, me and you.

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