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June 01, 2010



That would be neat to watch, even though I don't smoke. I used to have a fine Cuban cigar somewhere - a coworker gave it to me - but I found someone who would appreciate it (in the way it was intended :) and passed it on.


Dear Gillian,

I never would have imagined that I would become so engaged in a post about cigar making, but engaged I was. I think the setting and family and extension to other pleasures all made this come together in a way that just screamed family, history, and LOVE.



It is always a pleasure to watch a master, no matter the trade or skill. A lovely tribute! And those boys needn't have all the fun. My love to J.


I would have loved watching a master cigar maker. Mesmerized! I don't smoke, but it still would have been fun. The guys do have clever ideas. How great that your businesses are in the same beautiful house.

Gillian daSilva

Elizabeth :)
I don't smoke either! In fact, I quit twelve years ago, I'm a former smoker.

(I can't believe I actually smoked either!)

This intrigues me since our trip to Holguin a few years ago. We visited a cigar factory to see how they are made, and it really is an art form.

I love to see anything handcrafted, I appreciate the effort that goes into it.

Like you, if I had a fine Cuban cigar I'd pass it on to someone else as well! ;)

Gillian daSilva

True about seeing a master at work, I fully agree. That was the point to my post. I hope people don't think I'm advocating we all start smoking cigars!

I'm glad you saw through the smoke :)

Working in the same building has it's ups and downs, as you can imagine. LOL

Kim Mailhot

Art and artists everywhere !


My father is in Havana right now. I wonder if he'll bring me home the old cigar boxes I asked him for. I do long for them. This was an interesting, wonderful post.

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