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June 27, 2010



I just watched "Amelie" last night and remembered how inspiring the soundtrack is... love it! Its so hard to choose just one thing to share, but right now that is on my mind so there it is. What would we do without music!?

Preeti Shenoy

What a wonderful piece of music you have shared Gillian! Thank you! I agree so much with what you say here.

There are many songs/ pieces of music that come to my mind. But the one which touches me most these days is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXbWstg9TF8
The lyrics are so beautiful!
"dil to baccha hai' means 'My heart is just a little child'.

Here is a link that gives trnalsation of lyrics. They are so poetic!

Hope you enjoy the song too!

Casey C

Oh, I love the song you linked to. My go-to inspiration music is Sigur Ros.


Yes, me too. Love Sigur Ros so.
A Fine Frenzy is lighthearted and wonderful. Coldplay tops my list also. Then again so does Andrea Bocelli and other greats in that genre.
Nina Simone is topping the slow sultry summer pace at work and home too, though.
Thanks for your comment!


Loved the link Preeti...thanks so much!! xo
If we all had hearts like little children the world would be a better place.


that is one of my all time favourites too Randi! xo


OH, I love music so much. I adore so many styles, so many genres. Like Randi, I also love the Amelie soundtrack. In fact, I buy more soundtracks than anything. Though I didn't love the movie, my favorite soundtrack is probably Mona Lisa Smile. The album I listen to over and over and over and over and over is Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone. That is perfection. Another newish discovery is Yurima. My song favorite of his is Kiss the Rain. I was really bummed when I found out it was featured on Twilight. Blech. Another song I love is this:
I am surprised by how much I love it because it really isn't my style at all. Tell me you love it, too.


That will be easy, I LOVE IT.
Lyrically too, so lovely. xoxo

pam aries

E Muzeki


The music is memorizing and beautiful. I always love clusters of fruit, especially cherries. Please give the give away to someone else, but I just wanted to say hello and love the music and cherries.

Jen M.

Purifying, tranquil, inspirational. . .the music of heaven. I am torn between smiling and weeping. . .thank you my friend for adding beauty to my day. :)


This is a hard one...I love so many different types of music. I love multicultural world music and world fusion.I love the violin, gypsy music, I love latin,the tunes from the movie Frida, DRUMS I love drums,drums awaken spirit. Love Andrea Bocelli and some operas, Hey I love Rock and Roll, golden oldies. and on and on....
don't really like country music,but then there is some of that I might like.

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