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May 08, 2010


Preeti Shenoy

Oh I too love love love the scent of rain! :)

Beautiful picture as always!

pam aries

you are lovely and rich as a chocolate cake.

Tara Bradford

Love the photo - and you! Enjoy the party and the fabulous birthday girl and Mother's Day. xoxox


Cheese pizza, balloons, cake, and games sound perfect for every age. And now I want pizza myself. :)


Sounds like a great start to a great day!


Sending the very best birthday wishes to O
and many good wishes to you for Mothers day
and every day....


Fabulous photo! Happy birthday to your no longer baby baby. Eat cake - enjoy!!



I did, and I did. (Ate it and enjoyed it.)

Thanks for loving my photo. I love it too. It is a piece of my soul. Simple. Full of dreamyness (not dreaminess) and well, gratitude. Soap, who'dve thunk it?

(Such a pretty little thing.)


Lovely. You. Photo. Birthday. Mother's Day.


the light = exquisite, use of the word redolent = so lovely... thanks for your visit and you're beautiful words... xo


What a gift...a mothers day baby!!!

Happiest of both to you!!



Fig of Provence and Cherry Blossom soap, how special. I hope the party was everything your 10 year old wanted and more.

susanna's sketchbook

Happy Birthday to your daughter, Gillian. And a Happy Belated Mother's Day to you, too! What a happy weekend you both had. :)


There is nothing like being a mother. It is the best gift the universe can bestow upon us.


I agree, yet it is the toughest job. One that goes far too underappreciated.

Mother's rule the world. :)


I remember that day 10 years ago, and get quite emotional. It was a very special day.

Lori S.

MMMMMM, the smell of rain. One of my favorites!

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