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May 24, 2010


Kim Mailhot

I woke up this morning in an "allow the day" frame of mind, body and soul. Isn't it a treat when that happens ? I started wishing it was like this all the time and then stopped my self. Instead I just allowed the moment that IS to be. Grace defined, I think.

May your week be full of allowing.
Big Love to you !

Tara Bradford

Dreaming big is the key! Lovely images. xoxox


I like the concept of allowing the day to unfold. My day today took a much different turn than I expected and I was pleasantly thrilled. Love your new format on the blog and your pictures a wonderful.

Robin Laws

what a clean and lovely blog. and the name.....perfect for you :) i am planting my dream seed this very moment. i needed to read this!

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