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May 04, 2010


pam aries

your photos are so beautiful...! I am sending vibes))) to the little one who is going to be 10. I v'e learned a lot about 10 year olds in the past year I have been living with my neice and her 2 kiddos now 10 and 11 !


Hi Gillian. What great photos. Your trips are always so exciting. Mail is always slow, eventually it gets there. My mail once went to Hawaii before it got to where it was supposed to go, Arizona? How weird is that.:D Have a great rest of the week.


Great photo! For future reference on foreign films...The Lives of Others, Antonia's Line, Volver. :)


Yes! My Jordanian postcard arrived yesterday...what a wonderful treat and surprise.

I'll take Todos Santos time...thank you :)



Yes, I would say a Jordanian minute is rather long. Love the second picture.


I love your photograpy. I should have pestered you for a postcard from Jordan.


You were on my list. It may take awhile...they are only just trickling in!!! lol xo


I spotted Rebecca in the Jordan photo!

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