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May 18, 2010



I am constantly reminded of how really profound and special that trip was, and I also find that it is the small moments, the private wonders, that have stuck with me the most. The people are true gifts.


I was delighted to see this photo again. I was just browsing on Flickr yesterday and saw it there. Such a pretty little thing.


Indigo Blue Princess thank you for sharing this, I needed it today. Whose book are you alluding to?


Such profound words, I love it. I have been thinking along these lines lately too. To notice what we notice.


A beautiful moment, to hold in your heart!
It's good to share your Swirly girl book.
Hi Gill~

pam aries

Memories...deep memories never fade do they? I love your post today..


You You You You You....are a profound gift in so many ways. I am missing you oodly boodly.

Tara Bradford

I feel privileged to have experienced many EXTRAORDINARY sparkling moments with you! Am pleased Christine's book is influencing so many people. She is an extraordinary talent! xoxox


I keep telling myself that I have to buy that book. I think I will right now.

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