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May 02, 2010



we're having 92 degree weather but I'm stuck inside bc of pollen...fooey.

do enjoy your Sunday, my friend.

Preeti Shenoy

It rained here today too.

Beautiful beautiful pic!

I quoted you in my post today :)
keep smiling!



That's a beautiful sunflower. It is a beautiful day here too. Have a great week.

Tara Bradford

Love the bright cheery mango! In your honour, I had mango sorbet. :) xoxox

pam aries

It is super bright..woke me up! haha Love ya..rich girl!


Windy and sunshiny bright here with Shasta daisies.
Some new old things landed in my shopping cart.
It was a good weekend. BTW Blue, a butterfly landed on me on Friday. Could not believe it!


Now that, is a super cosmic omen of the highest. Wow. So jealous xo


Oh and not trying to top you just sharing....about eight days ago a sharp shinned hawk flew above my van guiding me for about a mile. I'm not kidding. Totem time. ;)

Lori S.

Orange grilled shrimp? YUM!

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