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May 03, 2010



last week i treated myself to my first pair of naots. worth every single penny. heaven.


Ah, the prayer tree! So lovely. Such fun to plan a birthday celebration for O. As for foreign films, have you seen the French thriller Tell No One (has English subtitles)? I promise you won't be disappointed. Suspense from start to finish. xoxox


I'm not real good with foreign films unless they are Japanese samurai flicks. Gotta love Akira Kurosawa and the Seven Samurai (I have a copy you can borrow if you can't find it). Actually, anything by Kurosawa. There are around 28 movies involving Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. These will be tougher to find but are well worth it.

Hmmm, I need new sandals and I think I'll be treating myself to some good ones this time. Oh, maybe today!


Ahhh, comfortable sandals are the very best.

Sending prayers for your special daughter and picturing them tied to that tree. Blessings on her as she begins the next 10 years.

My favorite foreign film has been around for a long time, but it is Cinema Paradisio.


I love the idea of starting a Prayer Tree in the yard. So glad to hear you are thinking of Jordan again. I'm going as well! Here are a couple of my favorite foreign films that I can remember! Maria, Full of Grace, Amelie, The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, Once (if Ireland counts as foreign), City of God, The Lives of Others, Catch a Fire.


A prayer tree. That is wonderful and starts my Monday with a lighter heart. And your daughter - she is into double digits now. I wish for her double joys, double blessings.

Films? I watch so many foreign films (my boyfriend always sighs & says "is this a film we have to read?") and remember so few titles. Cinema Paradiso IS pretty wonderful. I liked Water and can watch it with the sound off, it is so beautiful, and there is one about a Buddhist monk who lives on a houseboat/pier thing in the middle of a lake. A beautiful scene where he uses a cat's tail as his brush, and paints words all over the deck. Chinese, I think. (At least I think it was a cat - I remember it that way. LOL.)


Hmmm . . . I love many foreign films, but one that I've been thinking of again recently is Une Hirondelle a Fait Le Printemps. On the US it is called The Girl from Paris. It's about a young woman who leaves Paris and buys a farm. It's a quiet film, and really beautifully made.

I love prayer trees, too. How lovely to put one in your own yard!

xoxo g


That's IN the US, not ON the US! lol


Tampopo is a funny Japanese film about a noodle shop.
Mostly Martha, I loved. German about cooking:) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0246772/
Armacord an old Fellini but wonderful! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071129/


Sending her a wish that she will always know how strong she is. Happy Birthday!


Do watch The Band's Visit if u haven't watched it already. and many many happy returns of the day to the little one *hugs*


I haven't seen it yet but I've heard La Vie en Rose is wonderful, about the life of Edith Piaf. It won a few Oscars, including Best Actress. Ah yes the Prayer Tree, our last destination in Jordan. Makes me a little sad and a little happy at the same time.


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