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May 12, 2010



now THAT is a beautiful post my friend..you inspire me everyday, and I am glad that YOU are in my world...whew...i am blessed...xo


That last bit touched my heart deeply.


We were all young once, and some of us refuse to grow up, and everyone deserves to be given a break and the benefit of the doubt. I've learned never to judge a book by its cover and trust that you can never know what is lurking beneath the surface. We can all learn to be a little more tolerant, so thank you, my dear friend, for the reminder. I love you.


You're one of my favourite people in the world ;)

Much love you love ministrel you,


Tara Bradford

Wise words, as always - and a lovely tribute to Brianne, who, tragically, is gone much too soon.

soeurs du jour

thank you. so many people so quick to judge. no thought to the real story, the real life or the real person.

Preeti Shenoy

Oh my God Gillian--what a post!
You are so right in what you said. It is indeed that desperate plea to be noticed , to be cared for which makes people do the purple pant thing.

I agree 100% with your philosophy of giving a smile and making the world a better place.

you inspire me!

Kim Mailhot

Love to you, Brilliant One. A wonderful post.

"A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses." - a Chinese Proverb.


I've always felt that most people will live up to your expectations of them. Smile and say Hello, even if they are 'different'.
Difference,like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
Open minds and open hearts would make the world a much happier place.


absolutely BEAUTIFUL post Gillian... perhaps my favorite of yours... I'vee found the people that take some effort to get to know are always way worth knowing... i love the smile thing too.. its my favorite thing to give a smile to a person that looks grumpy, mean, or even intimidating.. its rare that they dont smile back, and it helps me to remember people are good...


Inspiring ... although ... next time you take a picture of my purple pants, let me know ... I'll pull my pants up first!

Gillian daSilva

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So sorry Brianne is gone.
Purple pants and underwear showing may lead to a fantastic new inspiration in fashion. A fitting tribute.


I'm sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. What a terrible, terrible thing to have happened.

Your post brought to mind several younger relatives of ours who adore their low hangin' baggy pants with the cool underwear showing...memories of them brought a smile to my face tonight. Thanks, Gillian.


this made me laugh and then made me cry.
love you!


I used to say that I wouldn't wear bell bottoms. Until I did. So your next shot of purple pants might be me .. :)

Good reminder!

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