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May 27, 2010



This post has inspired me to look back and see where I was in May of '09. I leave with a message of hope from you, my friend, and a lighter heart. Thanks for being you, Chica!! xoxo


PS - What a beautiful photo!

Kim Mailhot

I can do this for moments at a time - release it all, be "happy" in the present, satsified. But what I don't get is why it is such a struggle to be that way more of the time and/or to be like that a majority of the time...I guess that is just this bittersweet life - a balance to the good and the bad, and our Selves doing the balancing act...
Dream on, Beautiful Gillian, and know I dream along with you...

Gillian daSilva

I never thought to look back "blog wise" a year ago. I should. To see where I was.

I think the key is to always plant that seed of hope, improvement and change. It is good to aspire to more.

Ily you are a light in my life chica. Tink! My red wine glass is raised to you tonight!

Gillian daSilva

I don't know. I do the same thing Kim.

I think I'm trying right now not to "react" to life so much. I am absorbing, taking it in, processing it, and then I'm acting (I hope) appropriately.

But we are human. We struggle. I think it's important that we are just here for each other at the end of the day.



my rabbi always has the same words, what impact will this really be having on me a year from now. can i find a way to move on quickly?


Hello Gillian,
It's great and creative that you took time to look at your transformation! Your heart and mind are in the right place! Your mother's advise is wise! Blogging also, gives one this amazing opportunity.

Just yesterday, sitting at the oncologist with my mom, I realized how much, (like you), I have grown inside. I remember the first time I walked through these doors at the Cancer Center, how impossible the situation seemed. Bit by bit I have learned to become stronger. To handle things. It's hard to believe, but I am becoming a real grown up!! ;-)



Letting go of control - that is the key. Because we don't have it...except of our own reactions and responses to things. Beautiful entry...you are so wise my friend.


There's a lot of truth here. Most of what bothers me doesn't really matter. I am working on letting it all go - sooner rather than later. Most quickly than before...

Preeti Shenoy

Loved what you said here. It is very true.
Thing is when we are going through it it seems so darn important.
It is only in retrospect we know for sure!
Time is indeed a great great problem-solver.
Lovely pic too
Have a Great weekend gillian!


Good post, this is something I have struggled recently with. Trying to come out of it.

Love the new clean look for summer.


We've often used that bit of advice around here. With a little time, problems solve themselves. It's like what was the big deal yesterday? Yet you are so right.Stress takes a lot of energy. Sending you PEACE for this day and always.


I like to do that, too. Except right now it would be counter-productive, as i was madly joyfully ass over teakettle in love 1 year ago. I don't think reading all those old love poems would do me any good, now that I am finally over that person. Like, as of...last week lol.

I don't know if it is a holiday up there or not, but have a wonderful weekend, lady!

pam aries

You couldn't have written this post at a better time for me! WOW.It is amazing..truly. I want t othank you for all that you have offered to me. always know that you are a true friend! I will email you. Thank you for writing this post, my rich in blessings and wealthy in spirit friend!

Sunita Nayak

The post is WOW !! Its written beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful thought :)


More and more I learn that time does actually heal...To hang on a little longer to a solution to a problem, to allow some time to ease a hurt or disappointment. In our get-it-done-yesterday modern world maybe we expect things to be solved in an instant. Even allowing one day can make such a difference. We act and react so much. Taking a breath and allowing time...ah, yes! A year ago I was posting about arriving safely home from a trip. And just now I'm doing the same...What odd balance there! Happy Day, Gillian ((HUGS))

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