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April 19, 2010



Ahhhhh, San Fransisco....that's where I asked hubby to take me for my 40th....it didn't happen (sigh)...one day, when I can afford the trip...both with money and time, I WILL go there...until then, like you, I will day dream about it :)

Love you!


Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos of Jordan.

Sending positive vibes that everyone will be able to meet up. waving to Tara.

one love.


Yes! Yes!! Come to California!!


I always have to click on the links:) Her and her and her..... your wee tribe of like minded souls.
San Francisco...don't forget to wear flowers in your hair. Forever summer even when foggy and cool.
That quantum thing does work, but it is hit or miss finding the correct tuning:)


Last time you went to So Cal, so I'm glad you are coming to your senses and thinking Nor Cal would be good this time (sorry Swirly!). Although, I would go almost anywhere to see you, my dear.


Oh, SF is on my very short list. Hope you get to go in November! You are so right about the things we don't get. I had a major disappointment/set back earlier this year, but it has turned out to have a major silver lining, too. I'm glad I didn't get what I wanted. Instead, I am making something much better happen.



San Francisco is a great place to visit, but why not another round in Jordan? I hope to see Tara in Jordan in November.


yesh. I was referring to round two in Jordan :)

Julian is good to go too!! lol


Oh..the turkey with cranberry chutney on whole grain leapt off the page at me! I bet I'm the ONLY one who will comment on that part...lol! I would SO love to try gardening but my hands are so very bad skin-wise I don't think they could brave the wild soil. I guess I could wear gloves but I've heard from green-thumb purists it's just not the same as getting your hands into the Earth! I love Spring and travel, great thoughts :)


I am a dreamer too Gillian. I love this post and the gorgeous photos that accompany it. I dream also on NYC but right now my most pressing dream is Morocco. Did you see that Maryam is finally taking reservations?

Tara Bradford

Oh how I'd love to show you my San Francisco! It is my fave American city and my home in my heart of hearts. Anything is possible - but if this time doesn't work out in San Fran, then surely another one will. Fingers crossed for Jordan in November! Today I've also been tempted by Bhutan in October! But waiting to hear about the photography workshop with Reza here before booking more trips. So glad spring is making an appearance for you. xoxox

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