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April 17, 2010



Sounds like a terrific weekend! Have fun:)
I plan on ditching this cold I have been fighting:)

The Lady Prism

I have had mostly terrific weekends, but alas, this one isn't one of them. There have been issues this morning needing to be dealt with and will probably spill over till tomorrow, Sunday (over here).

I will do my best to salvage the remaining moments and perhaps take up some of your suggestions-like that walk and art. I will try to reign in my emotions, ignore my teenage son (who really needs to do some apologizing first) and play with my poochie doodle poodle. :D

Have a great weekend! I love how bright this bloggy is!


Your weekend sounds full and wonder-full, Gillian. Mine will be quieter. Husband's away in the midwest, so it's me and the cats and lots of rain outside. Think I'll take a walk in said rain, but other than that it's work on finishing writing my book (almost there), cook, and maybe watch a Netflix movie tonight. I like days like this! Happy weekend, beautiful. xo


You are one well-rounded Chica! I love your plans for the weekend!

Me...I have a hockey game to attend and then more of the 3-day festival where there is music, dancing, rides, red wine, buttered corn on the cob (with a dash of Tabasco), elephant ears, art and jewelry, neighborhood friends...you name it, all within walking distance from my home. (I can hear the drums from the band playing in the gazebo at THIS VERY MOMENT!)

Beautiful photo, btw. I'm falling inlove with everything blue lately.


Staying in until it warms up, making bread, doing laundry, and catching up with blog posts.
Run a couple of kliks for me will you please.
big hugs


Riding my own horse both days, and searching for a new doggie are on my agenda. Are you coming to SF soon??


Sounds wonderful, Gill. I might take you up on one of your suggestions. Have I mentioned that blue glass is one of my favorite things..? Enjoy!

Tara Bradford

Your weekend sounds fab; I'm still staying up until 3 a.m. getting new website ready for launch. Great photo! xoxox


Your weekend does sound enticingly fun and relaxing.
Always a pleasure visiting you. one love, dear friend.

pam aries

It is a rainy suday..so I a mchillin' today. Yesterday it was biking day! I discovered some new secret places!

soeurs du jour

my weekend has finished. i ran two kilometres. had friends for dinner. had girlfriends for take out chinese food, twelve of us, while poor andy hid in the bedroom, ran errands, watched hockey, hello we live in ottawa, and sipped wine. the foreign film, wait no, i did that too!! we watched eddington and einstein, not quite foreign but certainly historical fiction.


Well, if San Fran will have me, then I shall nag my man until I get my way. Godspeed to me and keep your fingers crossed...I'd love to see you girls!! xo


Bike over to Cape Coral and give Joe a hug for me. Have lunch. A rumrunner to chase it down with. Then go shelling on Sanibel for the day. xo


hey girl-I'm heading to our great capital city this summer...that settles it. Foreign films and running for us!


Beautiful blue glass. I hope your running around was good. I spent time at the beach, so beautiful.


I like Memory Match. It's still a good challenge for my brain. ;)

I hope you had a great weekend - plans sound lovely. The dog was played with, and I spent time at the beach - which was actually warm. Amazing for April.

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