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April 11, 2010



I love all that you share
Love you

Preeti Shnoy

Absloutely GORGEOUS flower pics!
You are a light too Gillian!
Love, just love the positivity your posts radiate.
I love coming here :)



I too am in search of lost time. I am starting to regret all the time I spend at work, which doesn't bring me joy or peace or even a sense of accomplishment, it just keeps me from doing the things that do. I love coming here too, but I still miss you like crazy. xoxo


you should absolutely paint!!! why not?? perfect time of year for a new project.


Marcel knew something about redintigration. As do you, mon Bleux. A mockingbird's song. A mermaid. A shell.


hello handsome. yes, a shell.


i agree! the hills, the buildings, the soul of Jordan has infused me with a million ideas xo


miss you too, Donna! xoxoxo

Dinners & Dreams

Beautiful photos, Gillian. I love the flowers and the lantern. It looks like Jordan has inspired you a lot.

Susan Waters

You are an extraordinary and beautiful woman...

all your thoughts so wonderfully expressed... with

all your photos so artfully taken... I was looking up

the symbol of a pheasant today because my artist friend

Ray found a beautiful one in a field.... I came across

you... you are God's inspiration and spirit of Love...

My family is in the culinary arts... you may know of my

sister.... I would love to share with you as well...

about.... organic food.... ionized water.... roses in

my garden... the landscape of New Mexico.... healing

chants and prayers.... poems.... Brazilian dancing...

"Sometimes my soul rose up into the air of beauty"

Love, Susan Lily

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