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April 13, 2010



Please give that boy a big hug from me!


awww...Happy Birthday Julien!! This a great great great photo!! :)xoxo


and thank you for what you said about me, it the nicest compliment anyone could ever grant me...xoo


Happy Birthday Julian!! When I saw your blog post title I assumed it would be a photo of Julian and your girls...so honored and touched to be one of these three. :) Missing you madly!

Angie Muresan

Happy Birthday, Julian!
Gillian, you are an amazing friend.

Tara Bradford

Ah, so sweet. As is the birthday boy! Much joy and good wishes for a wonderful birthday and fantastic year ahead, Julian!


Happy Birthday Julian.
I send love and hugs....good hugs to you!

Gillian daSilva

What else would come from you? You are so lovely dear Gemmy. xoxo Thanks!!!


Happy Birthday, Julian. Lucky stiff.

Cummings is nice
But Gilly's a dilly

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