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April 04, 2010



Amazing, Gillian. I feel like I keep saying that about your posts since Jordan. What a photo and what a thought.

Easter blessings to you. Here's to hope and renewal, my friend! xoxo


Those are some thorns! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It would be interesting to have a discussion sometime on this subject.
Easter blessings to you too.


I've thought many times while there and since that someone who was religious would have had a very different experience than I did...and how overwhelming it would have been to be at some of the places we were. I will never forget lighting a candle beside you in that very church. xoxo

Tara Bradford

You're right about the crown of thorns. And the thing about the Holy Land is that practically everywhere we travel, we can almost sense the history/the emotion/a sense of sacred space. xoxox


Gorgeous Gillian!!!!!!!

Happy Easter to you!


Chica, I would've felt a shiver just by being at the Red Sea. Wow!

Happy Easter and Sunday to you and your family, amiguita! God bless you always!!


Beautiful. Gave me goosebumps.


Wow...great post.
I was raised Catholic. Although I am not a practicing one, nor do I take literally all the words of the Bible. Your photo gave me cold shivers.
Love reading stories of your adventures.

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