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April 21, 2010



Okay, that does it. I NEED to go to Morocco!!!! What a delicious post, G! xoxo G


What a great trips... I need to scroll up and go round again! ;o) Happy Day, Gillian ((HUGS))


Morocco does look wonderful. Love your photographs. Also love Tara's new website.

Randi Gardner

You've been awarded!

susanna's sketchbook

Ohhh so much good news to two wonderful and talented bloggers. I'll head over to Tara and Maryam's blogs next to congratulate them. Are you going to check out any of the Contact shows? You should apply for a show next year, Gillian! Or put your photos up in your spa!

susanna's sketchbook

Gillian, I just came from your flickr site and ALL your photographs from your Jordan trip are stunning! That photograph of the older woman with the tattoos on her face - wow. The colours of the landscape - sigh. I want to go with you all next time!

And I love love LOVE the photos you took of my winged messengers. THANK YOU!!! I'm going to email you now...

soeurs du jour

oh my, love morocco. one of my favourite places, a place i will definitely revisit.


Your photos are off the charts girlie. The more I see, the more I love!


These photographs are wonderful. Love the colors,the subjects,the shadows,and values of light.
Yes I am a fan of yours too.

Tara Bradford

Great photos, Gill. And thanks so much for the lovely nod to my new photography website. Maybe we'll hit Morocco together??!! xoxox


Congrats to Tara for her new site ~
Congratulations also to Maryam on living her dream too.
And THANK YOU GILL for letting us know. Your site looks lovely.
Hope you will have a wonderful Sunday ~


Now that would be quite a wonderful vacation, wouldn't it? Hope Julian gets the hint.


Oh my, you are adorable!!! Thank you:-) How absolutely fabulous if you and Tara came together? I hope to do a black and white portrait workshop at Peacock Pavilions this year with amazing French photographer Delphine Warin:-)

pam aries

I have a couple of those pashminas that a friend brought back from Morrocco a few years ago1 Cool ! Very RICH colours! heh hehe


Gillian, what an incredible world tour! I love the rooster photo...I am passionate about roosters :)

Thank you for you little facebook note :) I never go over there!! I am in awe of you folks that can keep up with facebook and a glorious blog


A trip around the world...so wonderful.

I so admire you and Tara!

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