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April 14, 2010



So true! I am close to the end of a book and I keep saying I need to go to bed early, but really I am reading.


I'm leaving the internet to go snuggle in with "The Help", by Kathryn Stockert. There's nothing like a good book!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

...how will future books get written.

you are brilliant.

embarking on an adventure, today..as per your orders.


Tara Bradford

Amen. (Except I can't read Arabic - nice photo). :) xoxox


I'm with you!


so glad to find you.

i feasted on a book, cover to cover, a few days ago and not one morsel of regret runs through me.


Hi Gillian-Relyn sent me over. Your post on her blog hit me in an almost undiscribable way-It was like my cells were woken up and starting moving and communicating with each other-I could feel this internal buzz and I think it was the energy of you that was expressed in the post-full of life and wonder and passion and the 'not holding back' sense I get of you. Please to meet you.


Love being lost in a good book. Currently I am making my way through the Thursday Next Series of books by Jasper Fforde. Kind of quirky, sci-fi, satire, fantasy, crime-mystery stuff. If you like The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, you will love Jasper Fforde. Off to read Relyn's blog....


Your feature at Relyn's was wonderful, Gillian! Right now I'm reading Broken Paradise currently featured at my blog, and also re-reading Julie & Julia--just for fun! Happy Weekend :o)


I am with you! There is nothing quite like the pleasure of a good book.


happy to be here to follow your advice .. cover to cover !!

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