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April 05, 2010


pam aries

Oh yeah..I was addicted to those stupid apps Farmtown farmville yoville ..ack. I quit them all cold turkey a while back! Big waste of time...but there for a while it tokk me away from my problems. haha

Tara Bradford

That makes two of us (although I do watch an occasional television show or DVD). But I don't use the Facebook aps or play computer games. Nice photo - the one I took of that scene was out of focus. xoxox


Amen to the game apps on Facebook. I got a pet way back when that has probably died of neglect. Thank God I don't treat my real life dog like that. I'd no doubt be arrested.


Hee - that is the ticket: NO TV. I haven't had it in almost ten years.


AWESOME answer. I'm so going to use that...


Very little TV for me and Facebook just enough to say hi to friends, no games. Same here. Love the photo. Enjoy the rest of your week.


And even leaves a couple hours for camel caring. Hey, that might make a dynamite app ,oD

Gillian daSilva

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We could design it like a photography
safari across Jordan…stop
for Camel Crossings on the highway.  Pit stop for tea.  Work herding goats to
earn Jordanian Dinars to pay for your Bedouin tent in the desert…..lmao xo



Don't laugh, you could probably sell it to Face Book. Of course the tea tent appeals to me the most, heh.

Gillian daSilva

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Me too! I have a photo to show you, I’ll
have to dig it up…very cool tea stands beside the road all over Jordan.  You
would have LOVED it.


Good Moroccan

Good idea to avoid TV !


am i the only person who finds facebook boring. i don't need to know you are off to bed early, with a headache, and a tea. oh sorry, a green tea. lol.

Angie Muresan

I agree. With all you've said Gillian, just never had the right words to express myself. But now I do, so thanks.

Preeti Shenoy

Same pinch--same pinch.(Thats what we say in India):-) .I dont watch TV too :) Nor do I use farmville etc and thats how i too find time :)

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