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April 10, 2010


Graciel @ Evenstar Art

what i find most perfect is your enthusiasm for life.

i am back with the gypsy king. when i return, you and me, sister. notl for tea and lots of talk about life changing trips.


Love the list. Great shoes, passion, horse nostrils, and peace in the Middle East. Oh yeah!


LOL...you have always had a thing for horse noses..!


I read the inspiration for this post's post and loved her Cuba comment. Maybe one day I'll get to drink Cuban coffee IN Cuba in one of those cute small cups at the Hotel Nacional. Wanna join me, Chica?? We can dress up in sexy platform wedges and become art groupies in La Habana!! :)

Great list, my friend! You know I want to do one, too now!

Tara Bradford

Great wedgies! And peace in the Middle East is always desirable. Fun list. xoxox


Loooove your list!!


Love YOU!

Dharma in the Garden

Great list and find myself nodding my head to each and every one, particularly 18 and 19 which would definitely make it on to my list which you have now inspired me to do!


With nostrils like that, you could smell a lot of Spring!

The seed concept is a master metaphor of the gospel too, but with an emphasis on death and resurrection. "Grace only works on those it finds dead enough to raise." So, paradoxically, clinging too fiercely too life takes one out of the life cycle. The seed still dies, but unproductively. It's about transformation.

Reminiscing. In my pantheon. "Happiness isn't something we experience. It's something we remember." (Oscar Levant)


Wonderful list, Gillian! I'd be scared if Axl Rose visited me in a dream... he's always slightly given me the creeps... LOL! Red Wine on a Sunday... I'll take that! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


Are you really and truly this sweet and lovely?!? Thanks beauty...you made my day :) Even if I'm a little slow getting to this post...oh, life WHY are you so very busy? xo

Gillian daSilva

I suppose. But it takes one to know one. Some aren't so fond of me right now-my ten year old daughter for instance. I'm the worst mother that ever lived. :)

I'll take that. I'll see her in a decade and she will thank me. In the meantime I have to be the tough love gal.

But for those I don't raise as my own....yes I can be sweet! LOL

Ew, yes life is tres busy. For this we should be thankful. I just love your family! :)

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