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March 27, 2010



love love love every letter and every visual of that post. xo


There were many times I felt small while in Jordan, but not in a negative way, more like a tiny piece in the mosaic, still an integral piece. I'm still digesting all the ways that being there has changed me and my thought processes.


Travel does everything - opens me up, puts things in perspective, reminds me of how extraordinary this world is.

Tara Bradford

Vast open spaces is one of the things I find so compelling about Jordan. Maybe it's because I've spent most of my adult life living in cities, but I always find a different perspective; a new way of looking at the world around me, when I'm in a place that offers not only a richly diverse landscape, but an integral part of our history. I think travel changes people, perhaps subtly, but certainly in small ways they may not even realise. If nothing else, travel makes us realise we are more alike than we are different, no matter where on this planet we call home. xoxox


Travel does change us. It opens our eyes to the similarities among all people of the world. It opens us up and fills us with compassion and love and flexibility to love all man kind. I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures of Jordan.


Yes. Going to Panama last summer and visiting children and families in little shacks - that stretched and changed me.

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