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March 15, 2010



I loved that you could open the window in the hotel room!

Gillian daSilva

We got brave and climbed out there...though the railing was rickety and in disrepair. (Our non-smoking floor didn't allow for cigars otherwise!)
The view was amazing, the Amman Stock Exchange and a few banks...the Marriott Amman and a few soccer games in the abandoned parking lot next door! xo


Nice video...gives a real "flavour" to the trip. Look how tightly packed everything is into a small space...and very urban where you were staying!

The ring and the necklace...I should have known! I think I guessed on the necklace? If that's what that is!! :)

Gillian daSilva

That is what it is...like a bib necklace, super gorgeous antique Bedouin silver & antique coral...I fell in love. I should have tried harder to find a dress but time didn't allow. I'm going back though one day so I'll get one then :)


I don't know why I was surprised to see such an urban view. Loved this!

Tara Bradford

Nice shots from the balcony; it was nice to open the sliding glass doors. You should have been with me when I was photographing Bedouin women. I was given two dresses (although I couldn't accept, without offering them some money). You'll get the right dress someday; the place we went and they were moving to another location has gorgeous handmade dresses. Still waiting for my DHL box w/ rugs and second dress to arrive. xoxox

pam aries

Gillian..cool ! Now..you are going to have t o go to Paris and show me everything there! haha!


Terrific snippet. I love the singing on the BW tv. Sigh. So exotic and different, it is those little things, no?


Makes me want to go back...of course!


wow ... what an amazing experience, thanks for sharing your lovely snippets :-)

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