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March 02, 2010



It sounds like a great beginning Gillian and it is only the beginning!! xo


Gillian I am thrilled to be visiting Jordan vicariously through you. It is a trip I would have LOVED to take but......anyway I am glad to see it through your eyes.HAve fun and soak everything up.


...hanging on your every word, image, and insight. This is fun, my Gillian posting from half a world away. The glass factory shot has a tinkly stained glass feeling. I may get some mint today and sip along with the traveler.


VERY EXCITING, Gillian... Wishing you the sweetest day... And longing to see photos! :o) ((HUGS))


i am beaming,know you are there, with these lovely ladies.

Lisa Swifka

This really is wonderful that you are able to post and take us on the journey with you. I would be going nuts at that glass factory, I hang things like that in my kitchen window. I'm also glad the intinerary will take you on a journey of all its facets.
Safe travels.


A bouquet of rosemary for remembrance. This scent will bring memories to you of these delightful days. The glass is just beautiful, but the story so sad. I was so excited to see your post today.


I am so delighted that you are on this trip ... and sharing it with us! Safe travels friend.

Kate Robertson

Thanks for taking us along the journey with you.

pam aries

Shukran ! ... It means something special to read your words as you and Tara travel through Jordan richly describing the sights , sounds and smells.


Wow, how exciting. A lifetime experience. Take care and I look forward to reading future posts on foods eaten.


savour every single drop of your trip. so wonderful for you!!!

Wayfaring Wanderer


Tara Bradford

Love this shot; so much fun reading your perspective of these amazing places. xoxox


Amazing. Between you and Tara, I am getting to "go" places I will never touch in reality. Thanks for sharing your photos. xoxoxo

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