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March 19, 2010


Rebecca in Switzerland

Your photos are fantatsic! So much better than mine! May I use some of yours on my blog, tell folks about you and link to your blog?

Tara Bradford

Can't believe it was your first time shooting in manual - I thought you'd been doing it all this time. Great shots! Am glad Jordan had such a powerful impact on you. And I expect your travels are just beginning. xoxox


Feels like we've been right there with you on the trip, Gillian... there photos are alive with the wonder you feel and see... It has been a treat to see them--Thank you! And thank you too for your lovely anniversary wishes for hubby & I--so sweet of you to stop by while so busy. And, yes--LOVE does rule! ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


Ah, Petra, a place of dreams and mystery! SO beautiful. I have wanted to visit since the very first time I saw pictures of the place when I was a young girl:)I love your pics.
Also....Camino de Santiago, something that has been on my radar for a while too. I want to do a documentary about walking it.
Happy Spring!


Are you kidding? Your photos are GORGEOUS!! And I love the idea of Petra infiltrating your dreams...it has that effect, doesn't it?

Sheila @ Tempus Fugit

These are so lovely Gill. Great photos.
I wish I could have joined you there, in more than spirit.
I'd like a couple of these printed and framed. We'll talk!
love you


Beautiful shots. Your photos are fantastic. AND it is a pleasure to see somewhere I have not seen. Glad you and Tara and all could go!


Isn't it funny that all of us thought everyone else was a seasoned professional photographer at the beginning of the trip, and how much more fun it became when we figured out we were all struggling to figure out the correct settings? (Renee and Tara excepted of course!) I too have been dreaming of our trip, my visions are filled with happy women with simple lives and I wonder how to become one.

Gillian daSilva

I think you ARE one! I loved meeting you. It was no accident that we all ended up together on the journey. I remember asking, Donna, what F stop are we on here? What is the ISO??? lol xoxo


Reading about your adventures and seeing your photographs
is so enjoyable. I am thrilled for you. Today you taught me about the island Tristan. I told my grandson Tristan about it. We googled it. He plans to go there and become King.


Your photographs gave me chills...seriously (and it's no longer cold in Miami!). I enjoy the shots and stories of this magical, wonderful adventure of yours. Filming Jordan is a fantastic idea! Do it, Chica!! I'd love to experience more of it through your eyes.

Happy SUN Day and sweet dreams, amiguita linda!


Amor y Salud. :)

Account Deleted



sign up to go somewhere else!
it is the only way

i will wait right here...

go do it!

what? what? what???

well, never mind.

Gillian daSilva

I'm laughing spf as I read this, not one hour ago I said to a friend, "Well. That's it. Nothing to look forward to."
I must book another trip. I must. lol xoxo

Account Deleted

hint    hint     hint
it might be time for P _ _ _ _.
{{ i am just saying }}



Gillian daSilva

Of course Rebecca! xo

Gillian daSilva

First time. Crash course. I told you I knew nothing! Aperture priority only. Since time began. Now when I go to shoot on Aperture Priority I am switching back to manual so I can change settings. I'll never go back to presets again! Ever! lol

Gillian daSilva

Some crazy cosmic stuff is happening. I like it. It is a new chapter. xox

Gillian daSilva

Name your poison. I have to hit Procolour this week for some prints...just let me know which ones. :) I'm flattered by the way...thanks a mil. xoxo Love you!

Gillian daSilva

:) I love the idea of Tristan being King of Tristan da Cunha. That is sweet!

Gillian daSilva

I'm scheming to get P_ _ _ _ to come here in June! Plans are already in the works. :) I may be entertaining her and company. But before she moves to the land of drug smoking I shall visit her. I shall. Wanna come with me....? xoxo


Gorgeous pictures! I have so much to learn on shooting photos too and so want to go on this trip and learn.


I think I'm looking at National Geographic... the photos are that good. The woman and child is a classic.

Gillian daSilva

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Well coming from you Jeaux that means the
world to me.  Thank you for thinking so. xoxo



I am off from work today and escaping onto Petra through your blog. Those photos are so rich and filled with a thousand emotions. I too have my list of dreams, one of them is Petra.

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