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March 24, 2010


Bobbin Talk

Cool rainbow flare.. Agreed! :)
Oops, I just screwed up your minimal feedback. LOL!

Gillian daSilva

:) thank you :) feedback welcome, go ahead and screw it up!


Yes! It is an amazing flare, and a gorgeous photo. You rock. I didn't mean that to be a bad pun, but considering the photo, it kind of is. You still rock anyways!!! xo

Angie Muresan

It is a stunning photo, and if I knew more about photography I'd have an idea whether a flare is a good thing or a bad thing.

maggie may

what a gorgeous shot!


Gorgeous! I love the green in there too.


this is wonderful...

Tara Bradford

It IS a great shot! As for feedback, the relation to readers and feedback is usually vastly disproportionate. Many, many people read, but do not comment. xoxox


That flare is really pretty! Those stairs!I want to climb them. Did you?


I love flares like that...love shooting almost directly into the sun sometimes to capture that.


Catching up with your amazing photos of Jordan...the color, the landscape, the people...so very rich.

me....yes I have been peeking in and ENJOYING every moment, not commenting as my days have been crazy busy.


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