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March 25, 2010



To sleep, perchance to dream....for me, it's the best part of sleeping...the dreams...they tell me so much, they open my eyes, even the "uneasy" ones.

I hear you on letting go, on moving forward, leaving something behind. It's such a necessary part of growth and survival.

It's always a delight to read what you've thought, felt, experienced. You have such a way with language!! xo

Sweet dreams!

Tara Bradford

Darling Gill - You never cease to amaze and inspire me with the way you embrace life - and its myriad lessons - with enthusiasm and curiosity. A trail ablaze with starlight, indeed! xoxox


I hear you on the letting go, the moving forward, and the leaving behind. It is hard, even when necessary. I'm glad you are seeing your trail ahead blazing with starlight!

Randi Gardner

IIt seems like evverytime Im feeling down and hopeless I just happen to read an inspiring post from you that wakes me up! Thanks as always! I know I havent been commenting.. but i certainly have been reading! :)


Making no decision is still making a decision....congratulations on choosing your peace and happiness my friend...may the answers to the conundrums be swift, and may expectation flood your soul. Love you~ xo

Pam Aries

Methinks you are in need of a Floridacation.....

susanna's sketchbook

What an interesting dream, Gillian, and I like your analysis of it. It sounds like you are a good personal journey, figuring out where you want to go next. And it sounds like you know yourself well enough to know WHAT you want - maybe not everything but something.


Traveling stirs the juices and the journey becomes more wonderful. Love that you are open to the possibilities.


There must be something in the air...it has been a strange couple of weeks for quite a few people I know. Sending you more beautiful, message-bearing dreams and peaceful sleep in between. xoxo


I echo swirly ... it seems to be a time for shifting and changing .... 'journalling hard'- love this


Water carves rock. It's one of the most powerful forces on earth... second only to dreams.

Very generous of Oscar to play the antagonist in your dream. Only very dear old friends can do that and leave a trail of starlight.


I love everything you write Gilly and your beautiful eye for photography. Can't wait to see all the marvels you have photographed in Jordan.


YES what Jeaux said.
Water is all at once the softest yet the strongest.
muah muah


I had to visit again after seeing your comment on my blog and tell you that every day I love you more.

Gillian daSilva


Gillian daSilva

Jeaux, very generous of YOU to play the protagonist :) Though you would deny it to the very ends.... :)

Gillian daSilva

Oh Gem...only today Julian tells me how much I would LOVE Sedona. Love it, he says. :(
We must meet again. We must. Love you!

Gillian daSilva

Oh Swirly girl...thank you. The feeling is mutual. xoxo

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