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March 22, 2010



You have made me hungry, my friend. Famished, in fact. What glorious photos of divine food. I feel like I've been on an adventure just reading your post! xo G

Gillian daSilva

I`m glad you feel that way Gigi! You and the rest will get a break from Jordan for awhile after today, I`ve many other things to blog about alas. But I`m sure I`ll return to it, I did photograph A LOT of food. It`s my weakness. That and LOVE.


You will need that ketchup for the french fries that were delivered to our table at every restaurant, even though we never ordered them.


I love lebanese food, especially Hummus, though to have it where it comes from is something I'm dying to do. Keep the posts coming. Its great to live vicariously :)

Tara Bradford

Ooh, what a great meal that was! Thanks for snapping so many fab pics. And I appreciate the kudos - yes, Lebanese House will always be on my itinerary; smitten from the time I visited it in 1983! xoxox

Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

I love the stunning view in the background and all the delicious food of course!


Well, this looks fabulous and I have a "thing" about Lebanese food, having been served what I was assured was an authentic Lebanese meal years ago by a friend of Lebanese descent, 1st generation. It was quite horrible - seriously, on my way home I had to stop at the gas station & buy Sweetarts to get the awful taste out of my mouth. Seriously! That bad.

But now I see that perhaps he was a bad cook, or not, as the case may be. I particularly remember the uncooked meat he served. So many, many thanks for this - I can toss that memory out the door. This all looks, as I said, fabulous and delicious. :)

Gillian daSilva

lol...rest assured all was cooked well. It was delicious. He was a bad cook indeed! xo


Does that ever look good. I wish I had bought hummus yesterday - I have a craving for it for lunch now.


Delicious and beautiful... you ate well while away, Gillian! :o) Thanks for taking us to the feast... ((HUGS))


I simply cannot imagine putting ketchup (Dolly's, Heinz or any other kind!) on that amazing food. It's a sin!!! When I was in Rome ages ago, as a teenager, some of the boys on the trip wanted ketchup for their meals. The waiters were OFFENDED. Understandably!!

susanna's sketchbook

YUM! And I bet the company was just as good as the food.

Gosh, my dinner tonight is looking quite bland next to these photos.


That food looks spectacular, just my favorites. I hope I can travel with Tara to Jordan.

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