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March 09, 2010



Absolutely stunning photos, my friend! I'm hungry for more pictures and tales from your adventure. Just beautiful. Welcome home. xo


Welcome home! The photos so far are wonderful. I can't wait to hear more too.


Beautiful. I love reading the stories and seeing the photos - can't wait for more! So very glad you had a wonderful trip.


You summed it up beautifully = what a gift this journey was!!


Welcome back. Can't wait to hear and see more.


This exotic world has awakened for you a new way of seeing. I can see it. A fresh take on the world around you that will inform your perception from now on. It’s in your writing too. A great leap forward - and inward. That longing “you couldn’t put a finger on” ? Isn’t it a kind of homesickness, a buried memory, an ancient throb?

Of course the delight is in the details, and delight us you have, word and image. Thanks for taking us along. Bring it home.


Beautiful photos Gill. Looking forward to hearing more!

Preeti Shenoy

Beautiful beautiful images.
So rich.
So vivid.
Yet so simple.


Glad u had a great trip

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Sounds like you savored every minute of the wondrous trip..you are so fortunate to have been able to travel there..can't wait to see what else you along with others share. Gorgeous mix of the modern and the ancient :)


WONDERFUL! You were filled to the brim.
I understand that longing, it is a longing for the freedom and perpetual wonder of our childhood. That lost innocence which is reignited by travel. For in traveling we are children again, no responsibilities, always learning, making new friends, having new adventures, seeing places for the first time, opening up to a world of possibilities....


Were the stars hanging on strings?
I thought of you and J many times last week.
Can imagine the portal to Petra OMG.

Tara Bradford

You've captured the magic in your words and photos. Am so glad you fell in love with the beautiful desert kingdom! What a treat it was to have you along for the journeys. Just got home this a.m. to a cold, sunny Paris. Somewhere amidst the unpacking and laundry, will download some photos. xoxox

Angie Muresan

Gillian, I am amazed at the beauty of your photography. You've captured it all so well. There's mystery and romance and joy. Welcome home!

Account Deleted

I am learning that when I take the time to be still and glide, I land in places like this. You do great things with your "third eye." Such beauty.

pam aries

Helo my friend... I love all the photos...it must have been unrea lto be there and see all this u p close and personal. I am so happy that you did it. You are richer for it.


This post is enticing - I want to see more photos and read more about your experiences in Jordan. Tell us EVERYTHING, Gillian!


Hello my beautiful friend, I am so grateful to have met you, you have such a wonderful spirit. You are welcome to post images of me if you have any worth sharing! I am just beginning to come out from under my emotions. I miss you.


Oh thank you so much Donna, incredibly yet not surprisingly I miss all my fellow travellers also...I felt for you so deeply what a torment you endured while trying to enjoy our trip. My heart is still with you and I look forward to talking with you soon. xoxo

karen cole

Every photo and your tale .....simply magical.


No surprise that you captured some amazingly brilliant photographs. This trip was your nirvana I think. A spiritual quest that you weren't prepared for at such a level. I think you knew going in what you would find, but even you must have been breathless when you realized just how deeply spiritual a journey you were on.

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