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March 30, 2010



I'll have to get to this soon! Love your list. Love you.


Black licorice! Lapis lazuli! Mortar and pestle--I love your list, you cloudless sunset, you! xoxo

Randi Gardner

How cool! I have this saved as a draft.. but i havent finished it yet! I love yours!

Lisa Swifka

This is so fascinating I did it too and posted it just now. I love seeing the various answers and how diverse and yet alike we all are!
Love you!

Natalie @YMCBuzz

Brilliant post - not to mention a whole lotta comment love :)

Dinners & Dreams

I had no idea there existed a font called arab dances:)

Argan oil and Moroccan wedding blankets-this post is making me so homesick!


Tara Bradford

Ooh, fun! Love the Arabic writing and those fonts! And so many things about your list to admire. xoxox


I did this a couple of days ago - also got it from Julochka - and have been following it around the blogosphere. It is so fun, makes you think. And I love who you would be/are, and really, your sound is the best yet. Really! I just laughed out loud because it was so wonderful & perfect. :)


Love your list, it does sound like you. Definitely RED.

Angie Muresan

Your list proves what I thought all along, you are an enchanting woman, Gillian.


This is fun! I think I'll do it, too, but not until tomorrow. I've got a new post up already for today.

I especially loved your choices of lapis lazuli and argan oil. :-)


Okay, mine is up.


I've awarded your blog the Beautiful Blogger Award!! (And it truly is SO beautiful!) Pop over and check it out :)


Hiya~ I've done it too. I've seen it all over and it is such a fun whimsical meme! Love your answers.

Mama Zen

I love the sound that you chose!


Such a lovely way of getting to know you :)



I love your song...it makes me teary, and the Morrocan blanket...I WANT ONE!!

Your answers are so YOU, my beautiful Indigo Blue friend. :) I love this! I found it on Fireblossom's blog and now here...so I may have to try this meme.

Salud y Chin-Chin!


Hi Gill
This was very telling about the things we love.
I did it too.
Now I need to translate your poem.


It is Hafiz, Ghazal 1

Preeti Shenoy

Loved the song! Andrea Bocelli- Con te Partiro --wow!
Loved the link to the fonts too.

You answers are beautiful just as you are.

Have a great long weekend Gillian!



Me too, Ily! Teary! Weepy! Andrea is an angel!! Best live performance I EVER saw. He is THE BEST.

Do this! Can`t wait to read all about YOU. xo


OH, and Gemmy....your song choice was amazing. Love him! Makes me want to see Hawaii again :) xoxo


I love love love this post....I have posted my "If I were..." on my blog...you always inspire me..

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