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March 23, 2010


Susan Tordella-Williams

Gillian, you are so lucky your parents encouraged you.
Encouragement is one of the most powerful ways to influence other people.
Children need encouragement like plants need water.
Encouragement is different from praise because encouragement is given during trial and error, it focuses on the deed, and it's low key.
As opposed to praise which is given only for success, focuses on the doer, and is high energy.
Praise-ful parents like to look good, versus
encouraging parents who want their children to learn to roll with the punches and develop courage.

See more at my blog, www.raisingable.com


Well THAT puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing this.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

My God.

Tears are flooding out of my eyes.

So glad you shared this, Miss Gillian.



You embody 'encouragement with a smile' ;)

Much love, M

susanna's sketchbook

Oh man, that was really good, Gillian. Nick is inspirational. Thank you for this.


I've seen this insightful man on some program which escapes me at the moment. I'd forgotten - thank you to Nick for the reminder and to Gillian for spreading his message.

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