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March 28, 2010



Thank you for taking me back to Jordan again and again!

Gillian daSilva

How could I not? I'm vying and scheming to get back there again....and I would love nothing more than for my homies to join me!
I thrive in reality. Jordan IS reality, with a human spirit. :)


Oh, yes. I'd join in and say thank you very much for the hospitality. How happy I am that you've had this magical, life changing experience. And, as I know you, I am sure you blessed as much as you were blessed.


Yes, tea please. I would love to have tea there in that home. Thanks for the visit.


Yes! And of course you had to include the photo of the little girl. Blurry or not, she is beautiful. You captured such magic with your photographs, Gillian, and now you are weaving it beautifully with your words. xoxo


Oh, yes, I would happily accept tea with mint and all the is offered... :o) ((HUGS))

Tara Bradford

Beautiful post, my dear friend. As you've shown here, the true essence of Jordan is reflected in its people and their kindness and hospitality (and generous nature). Lovely captures here and I love the soft-focus little girl pic; charming! I have a couple of soft-focus images too; doesn't detract from the photographer's intent and the beautiful subject. xoxox


Oh yes and let's do Cairo too Gilly!

pam aries

Gillian ,my dear , these are treasures. The photos are amazing. THe first one is like a painting..I love it..love them all. Yuo have a magic way with words....It is alarming that in all this beauty . bad things lie just off the path.


love this, love the journeying with you, love the rhythm of words & images. love that blue door!


This is wonderful Blue!
Profoundly tender.


I really am enjoying your Jordon pictures and musings:)


{happy sigh}


{happy sigh}

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