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March 16, 2010


Angie Muresan

I find that I usually lose when I bowl with my kids. It may have something to do with being a mom and making sure my kids are happy and growing in confidence.
Your photos are beautiful. I love hearing about the trip and the people you've met, Gillian.

Tara Bradford

I can't tell you how happy it make me to hear you wax rhapsodic about Jordan. It's the way I felt the first time I went there 30 years ago (!) and the way I still feel today. Lovely photos. Enjoy your week with the girls. xoxox


I can't wait to read more...in the meantime, have a fun spring break. xoxo


I am loving reading every little bit of your trip. If we go on Tara's next trip I will have to pinch myself because it has never been a place I have guessed I would visit.


Your new-found love of Jordan is infectious. Jordan wouldn't have made my top-20 list of places I want to visit but now it is very near the top (Tops is till back to Disney). I told Julie that our first trip-without-kids HAS to be Jordan, done the way you did it. SoI say, blog what you wish to blog! If your heart says to continue the Jordanian love-in, so be it. If you choose to more like your old-self, that's great too. We'll still be here.


If each girl won a game of bowling, then Peace will guide the planets of the home...I'm all for that, always, even if it means I never win a game!! :)

Looking forward to hearing more about your life altering experience...I'm enjoying the photographs, the colours, the textures and your joy...it simply gushes and that is the hallmark of a life altering experience!! xo


I stink and bowling, too. STINK!! I am already longing for more stories of Jordan. Welcome home.

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