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March 17, 2010



this is such a beautiful story Gillian. I have tears in my eyes. no, you will never forget him... he will never forget you.
sheer and absolute love.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

I have been mesmerized with your stories and photos of Jordan! I love this story the most...so far. :) It's true, isn't it, that far away journeys can change your life.

I look forward to hearing them in person this spring.


pam aries

Gil...isn't it amazing when things like this happen...magical moments that are forever with us. I love stories like this.

Dinners & Dreams

I can't wait to see the charm. Gratitude sometimes takes amazing forms.


Account Deleted

Oh, you have made my eyes all wet with this lovely story. My heart is doing strange things. Thank you for this. Will wait so patiently for the promises. Thank you.


You see? You see, this is why you are so inspiring...your humility, your honesty and your open heart...the learning, the growth, the joy and the human swelling of your heart and your soul....you were giving this man something...but he gave you so, so, so much more than simply the gift...he gave you knowledge...which you in turn have shared with us. Love this story!! xoxox


Wonderful story, Gillian. A beautiful way to share your artistic gift xo

Kim Mailhot

I am with everyone else, Gillian. This is an amazing story and a sweet lesson for us all. Letting go, giving to others, loving,...it will come back tenfold to you when you do it with an open heart, like yours.
Thank you for the inspiration this morning.


Giving something away is the surest way to immortalize it.

You’re taking so much away from this experience, Gillian. I know you realize that visiting and living are two different things, you’re not naive. But you’ve gathered some precious touchstones that will last a lifetime.

Tara Bradford

I just love you. You are a treasure in my life and a gift to the world. xoxox


I loved being that for that entire exchange...moments like that are what makes journeys like these so precious. You are a gift and I adore you.

gillian {the dreaming press}

So true, live there I could not. But have a summer home, YES! YESSSS!!!!!

I see myself floating in the Dead Sea with regularity, and shopping for tea while munching on fresh almonds. Yes, this I can see.

I seem to gather touchstones often, why I gathered a bunch while I was your way, oh "He with the Mockingbird at his window." xo


Oh that split second before the lesson is learned, it could have gone either way ... I wonder how many gifts we let slip through our fingers because we are greedy.

Great story Gil, thank you.

my castle in spain

Hello gorgeous, i'm going to catch up with all your fabulous journey ! This is such a beautiful and magical moment Gillian...I'm sure this man will never forget you either, you know...Sending you a big hug...xoxo


These are the experiences that make a trip extra special. How beautiful! The connections of the people is what warms my soul and the #1 reason I love to travel. Thanks for sharing your story.


Oh, Gillian. I can't wait to see the charm he gave you. I also love the lesson that you took from the exchange. What a beautiful reminder of generosity. There really is nothing like foreign travel for expanding the heart, is there?

Gillian daSilva

You are so right, Relyn. The charm wasn't even the thing, the lesson was. Cool,huh? That was what I took away.
Yes, love foreign travel. People can be beautiful creatures.

A Fanciful Twist

You tales, your photos - i have been catching up, watching your video and enthralled by your photos.

Sigh... I have no words...

Dreamscpaes of enchantment...



I know he treasures that photograph. You never know - it may be the only one he has of himself!


I totally understand not wanting to give away your Polaroid. I very rarely give mine away. It's like giving away your negatives but even worse!
Your story is lovely. :)

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