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February 15, 2010



Congratulations to your winner...
Excited for you about the trip and look forward to seeing all the amazing photographs.

Love the blog banner...it's so very you! xo


Congratulations to Heather.

I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Jordan.

Angie Muresan

Congratulations to the winner! And I am so jealous. I have been dreaming of seeing Petra for years. Be safe and have fun!

Tara Bradford

Congrats to the lucky winner! And looking forward to showing you Petra at its finest! xoxox P.S. Love the new blog banner!


Congrats to Heather... and thanks for the fun, Gillian! Jordan--WOW! Wishing you safe and very happy travels... Can't wait for photo! :o) ((HUGS))


Oh my word!! Jordon!! I think that you may be meeting up with a friend from Paris?? Travel safe..say Hi to T.

susanna's sketchbook

Congratulations to Heather! Lucky Heather! And Heather has a food blog? I'm so there in a moment...

If only I could click my heels and join you and your friends in Petra...sigh... What an amazing experience you are going to have, Gillian. I'm so excited for you!!!! Please take an extra memory card or extra film with you 'cause you know, all us readers will want to see your photos after you get back home.

PS: I'm sending you an envelope in the mail this afternoon.


Thanks so much! I'm so excited to see what you pick up there, and so jealous of you at the same time! Have a great trip and try not to think of me TOO much! LOL!


Hey, you are a cook! I have to get you something appropriate. If not, something completely beautiful. Either way you'll be happy. I loves me some shoppin. xo ;)

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