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February 04, 2010



Aww, this is a heartwarming post, I also have the problem of taking the people around me for granted. Thanks for the reminder :)


The wisdom of 80. There to teach us lessons if we will only pay attention. Beautiful post, beautiful image, and quite, quite LOVELY description of your abode. :)


Yes! You speak a very real truth in this post, Gillian. Thanks, my friend. xoxo

Oh, and I adore those deep, earthy browns, too.

Paris Parfait

Wish I could see that 1920s house. It sounds beautiful, with loads of charm. And yes, not taking people for granted is important. VERY important! xoxox

Kim Mailhot

I often think as I snap photos of my 19 month old love of my life niece (a Kate too ! ;) that we take so many pictures of babies and kids as they grow and yet neglect to take photos or videos of our elderly family members. When my grandmother died, I had so few really good pictures of her to have around me that it made me sad.
Just a thought as I read your wonderful and heart-felt post, and that I know you take such wonderful photos - maybe your camera can be part of the connections when you go for your overdue visit. Savoring these precious moments...what it is all about...
Happy Friday, Brilliant Gillian !


what a beautiful lesson, you have passed on to me/us.


Those overdue visits can be so delightful. Enjoy and I hope we all continue to learn little life lessons.

Dinners & Dreams

Have a great weekend. I love the wind chimes in the new post.




i always enjoy my visits here.

i can hear the wind chimes in the post above...sounds peaceful i bet. that's a beautiful piece.

hope you are well.

one love.


Yes! Now I need to call my mother.

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