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February 02, 2010



There is nothing so sweet as a nap...any time. But most especially when the body is healing.

I love your square photograph...and that you have realized it's about what pleases you, not what others think is pleasing!!

Be well! xo

Gillian daSilva

True Sherry Berry. :)
I will nap today! And I have learned so much from things in the last six months...it is what pleases me and not others.
Admired, is a key word there. It is past tense.


Very pretty shot, nice tonal range.

Robert at The Beauty Of All Things is fond of the square format, as was Andy Warhol. I usually let the image and its contents determine format, and am happy with either, and everything in between.

Gillian daSilva

Thanks for the kudos, Jeaux. Coming from you that is something. :)
Thank you for the link. I'll go have a look.

Preeti Shenoy

Lovely! I dont know about Golden triangle or square format but whatever you're doing sure works! :)

sara girlscantell

i also love the squares. so nice! good for you for not worrying about pleasing everyone all the time.


Square is my favorite format, even in my paintings and assemblages. I learned photography with a square format camera and have never looked back. That said, I have become used to the different formats of digital cameras (none seem to be the same). Love your pretty! :)


Square is my favorite format for many photos, especially most flowers. Thanks for giving us a dose of pretty today. February is all about pretty things, isn't it?

xoxo Gigi


square is cool! xoxo

Account Deleted

the Rule of Thirds
is fine & dandy
but sometimes
a square will melt your heart



>GASP!< Love. Purple flowers. Love. It's hip to be a square. You rock :-)


I love square pictures. I want to make square pictures too. I have often thought of writing a square book with square pictures. So we can break the rules together.

Dinners & Dreams

I agree that square is pretty. Love those purple flowers!



I do love square photos and use the format often too--Golden Ratio or not. Rules are meant to broken sometimes, right?! ;o)


wen i think of pretty, i think of my love's ear rings, of words scribbled on a piece of paper forming poetry, of vapour steaming from a cup of ginger tea and of course of my favorite color, you :)


I've never thought of the Golden Mean in terms of photographs, probably because I work in 3 dimensions with my work. It is certainly a guideline for my work and makes a big difference in a lot of what I do, especially urns and vases. Still, I think you are on to something with your square-format.

Angie Muresan

You have such a nice list of pretties. Do post photo of that dress when you get it.

soeurs du jour

square works for me to. and i never do square!! now i have something new to try.


do what you love, I say! I love square, and yet I never do them. probably because it requires work on my part. ;)

teresa (dacruz) carns

very pretty

Paris Parfait

I love square photos and take them often! The owner of a photography school in London prefers square photos above all others. Variety is nice; no rules in photography these days. Your square photo is gorgeous!


I like square photos, too! I think it depends on the image and the photographer's taste. It's helpful and interesting to learn tips and tricks from artists we admire but at the end of the day, do what YOU love. It's your personal vision of the world, afterall.

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