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February 20, 2010



Have a great time and a safe journey Gillian. No camera?
Sad heart for you and us. Will check out Tara's!!


susanna's sketchbook

Oh you are having a good weekend! Chocolat and its sequel, The Girl with No Shadow (by Joanne Harris) are two of my favourite books. And I'm so excited that you will be taking the winged messengers with you to Jordan. So excited! Thank you for offering, Gillian. I'm looking forward to reading your posts when you get back. And your husband sounds like he's got a great sense of humour and knows how to chill. :)

PS: I don't get the point of the new law in England regarding photography in public places. Tara wrote a good post about it. Mind you, I don't see how the Orphan Art Act in the United States is fair to artists/illustrators/photographers, either. It just seems downright greedy or catering to corporations rather than individuals.


Soon on your own winged flight with your winged angels...and this weekend...you have chocolat/chocolate on your brain. Loved that film...love Joanne Harris' works (all of them). Your photography as always is inspiring and I loved what you wrote on flickr. Life. As it is. And yes, it's short and what better advice to take than our own. Thank heavens for the man who knows how to diffuse the tension!! :)

Preeti Shenoy

Last three lines of your post. Apt!

Shame about the proposed photography law in UK.

I never fail to feel inspired whenever I visit your blog.

So true indeed-Life is Short.. Love more, laugh more, relax more and do stuff that is good for your soul!

have a super trip Gillian!


Hot chocolate with cayenne pepper, yummmm! Have a wonderful trip! Hug Tara for me and take lots and lots of picture. Soak it all in.

Tara Bradford

Ha ha! "The artistic girls have lost their zen..." What a clever guy your husband is! Thanks for mentioning my post about the outrageous new bill undermining photography in the UK. Am so glad you're bringing some of Susanna's winged messengers to release them in Jordan! Love the idea of your themed spa shindigs! Fun and imaginative. xoxox


Life is short, yell less?? lol But we're CUBAN! We're not YELLING!! We just talk this way, Chica! ;)

Btw, thanks for guiding me to the Chocolat trailer. Chocolates and Johnny Depp...they go so well together!

Hope your weekend's as sweet as you are, my friend! xo

Dinners & Dreams

The weekend was too short, alas. Have a safe and fun trip to Petra.


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