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February 25, 2010



And how delightful and humbling it is when that new perspective fits like a hand-made toque.

Have a marvelous trip, mon Bleux. May the gracious order of the universe be with you.


Wishing you joys on your journey, Gillian! Look forward to following along on fb. I'll feel just a little like a stowaway in your luggage.

Big hugs,

Angie Muresan

Wishing you a lovely, safe and enriching journey. Can't wait to read all about it and see the photos.


You are going to have such an amazing journey. It will be tatooed on your soul.

Preeti Shenoy

Your daughter is so wise!
Much has been said about suffering. Christian barnard said that sufffering ennobles you. I think it is true

And you are very right about time being the greatest healer. but what is very hard is to go through the time!(which is where love helps)

Have a happy happy journey.Will watch out for your pics!
When are you back?


When did you get all wise n stuff, woman? *smiles*



I love "soul" moments and I love it even more when I'm talking with someone else who is wise and open, who shares their own soul in order to help me be in touch with my own. You are a warrior, you are not a victim and we choose which one we want to be in most cases. I feel that soul connection with you because of the warrior attitude and philosphy...I recognize it in you and did a long time ago.

I knew that after the first disappointment of her day, your daughter would begin to see the other side of her experience. The hurt will fade but it sounds to me like the lesson was there all along Gillian. You've set the example for your children and whether you see it directly now or not, it is there and they will continue to develop their soul journeys. Brava to her for understanding what others are going through because she's understanding herself.

My Susanna's winged messages be waiting for you today and may you have an incredible journey to Petra. I'll be watching for those photos on FB!! Travel safely xoxo

Tara Bradford

My wise and beautiful friend, can't wait to see you here! Today I photographed an extraordinary Bedouin woman with tattoos on her face. The expression on her face was fierce! And what a hard life she's lived. I felt so privileged to photograph her. It's been raining as though the heavens burst, but is supposed to end by Sunday, luckily. At one point today, we had to turn back, as roads were impassable due to flooding. Always an adventure! Love you! Safe travels...xoxox

Tara Bradford

P.S. Your daughter is a very clever girl. I know you're proud of her. xoxox

Kim Mailhot

Ah Gillian ! I love this post. I love how you shared your heart so openly. I so agree that we must let ourselves feel these hard things, navigate them as you say, in order to truly move forward. Giving ourselves and those around us on their own paths some gentle love and understanding throughout that process is so very important.
Sending you and your girl big big love and understanding...


I know EXACTLY what you are talking about-love this post


May you have an awe inspiring journey.
Throw your arms open wide and take in all you can.
Love you

pam aries

Ah Yes..Tolle...a wise man. His writings have kept me afloat these past couple of years. You are also wise to realize !!! You are rich in that wisdom...


I am thinking of you today as I know you are now with Tara in Jordan. May your dreams come true for this magnificent trip.


I very much like this line...Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.

It will be what it is. Safe travels! I will try to catch up with you on fb, I'm not very good at checking in there.

Oh the things you will see!


Amazing how kids can be so smart and wise. It looks good on the parents!

I can't wait to see pictures and read about your journey. I am so jealous. Don't get me wrong. I love my girls with all my heart and soul but the idea of a trip for grown-ups is really appealling.

Sunshine and happiness!

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