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February 09, 2010



Mmm...that pink cupcake looks yummy! Happy belated birthday to your mom. What a great birthday gift - a pedicure actually given by her daughter! Lucky mom. Now I didn't know that she blogged so I'll be dropping by her blog in a moment. Your parents sound very artistic and cute, Gillian. Btw, all my grandparents were born in England & Scotland. My mom is a big monarchist. She has quite the collection of royal teacups.


kisses and birthday wishes to your mom!! xoxox

Kim Mailhot

Sounds like a mightly fine celebration day, Gillian ! Love the final nightcap - been awhile since I listened to the Hip.
Bravo for soaking up the day.
Cheers !

Tara Bradford

Take that "amateur" out of your blog banner, Missy! We all know better. :) A (by now) belated birthday to the lovely Sheila. Hope the whole family had a fun celebration. And thanks for all the sweet links. xoxox


Sounds like a lovely birthday for your mom!
That wee Portuguesa has a terrific voice.

Dinners & Dreams

Happy birthday, Gillian's mom!


Yay Mom! Happy belated. I think it is important to introduce our kids to real music, unlike so much is around these days. My youngest was really into this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5SnRaWxfUA&feature=related when she was young. Now I often get requests for Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden and lately Them Crooked Vultures.

You are doing good work.


So glad your Mum (my Sheila)was surrounded by the sweet love of family on her special day.
muah to you all.


luv me some cupcakes...dreamy!


What a lovely post, Gillian... and that cupcake--the perfect pink...*swoon*... Wishing you a sweet Valentine Weekend ahead :o9 ((HUGS))


I understood everything except "to have a butchers at..." Read? I'm an Anglophile. Especially when it comes to your mum.

You're dad's link... Toof Unny! (You know where I got that phrase. So sorry, Bro Po.)

Feet have more nerve endings than just about anything else on the body. They're very sensitive. They embarrass easily. If my feet are happy I'm happy. You're a therapist, did you know that?

Gillian daSilva

TypePad HTML Email

Butcher’s….is to have a “look”.  Rhymes
with “butcher’s hook”.  It is one of millions of strange phrases that make it difficult
to understand English people sometimes! Lol
I’m a therapist? I had no idea. J



Happy belated to your ma!! Sound like she was spoiled....and the cupcake looks delish!!
The seatbelt commercial made my cry, the car one made me laugh. Always a range of emotion when I visit you!

Angie Muresan

Happy belated birthday to your mum! May she live a long and happy life.
Here's the thing about feet. Mine are absolutely lovely, but they are so ticklish that I cannot stand them being touched by anyone other than myself.

Preeti Shenoy

A very happy b'day to your mom.

My children too love 'another brick in the wall' and we sing along too :)

No wonder you're so talented--you've inherited it from your lovely parents!

Photo is outstanding as usual.

And yes, Jacob is in my thoughts too.

Have a great weekend gillian


Happiest of birthday wishes to your mum!! AND Happy Valentine's day to you both!


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