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January 22, 2010


Steve Kubien

Sounds like a brighter day. Be good and if you cannot handle that, at least have fun!


Happy Purple to you Gillian, your fam and the rosters!
I love WORDS!!
Have fun catching the magic light!
Hows your Papa?

Kim Mailhot

"cast any preconcieved notions about this day aside....to just let it flow and be enjoyed"....needed those words this morning so very much.
Thank you for them. So glad you have found some goodies to bring you to a cozier place...Enjoy the tea and books and the weekend !

Account Deleted

catching light means:
NO Purple Haze
NO Purple Rain

which leaves you only
Purple Passion.



hope your day is filled with passion, missy!


Oh my, I am drinking some piping hot Earl Grey right this very moment--with a touch of Savannah Bee Company honey and soy creamer--heaven!

Have a beautiful weekend, beautiful girl. xoxo

pam aries

G'day! ..when deep purple falls..over sleepy garden walls.. lalal

Dinners & Dreams

I have never tried the poetry magnets. Sounds like a cool activity to do with my daughter when she's older. Have a fabulous weekend!

Thank you:)




Buy myself flowers
creative time out
go for a walk
have some tea
We are in sync today darlin' Blue


Red is on my refrigerator, but purple would be a lovely, royal addition. I hope you are having a wonderful day photographing roses. I will be photographing daffodils. We just need those little touches to lift our spirits and flowers are the best.


I have a vase of pink popsicle carnations and pale baby pink roses on my china cabinet and they fill my heart with hope for the growth, the sunshine of SPRING!! Yum!

Tara Bradford

Magnetic poetry on a fridge has its pull, doesn't it? :) Love roses; hope you've had a lovely weekend, doing whatever struck your fancy! xoxox


have i ever told you, how much i adore striped socks?
i bet you look just lovely in them.


visiting for soul aperture; enjoyed your photos; how cute is that little camper.

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