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January 27, 2010



Glorious! What lovely words to read with my morning coffee :) Thank you. This made my day :)

Love to you Gilly!
xoxo <3


oooh...the random i love you's from the children. swoon!

so glad i stopped by today. you brightened my day.



Will you do me a favour??? Keep this and then email it to me on January 1st, 2011 so that I can refer to it every.single.day for the month of January to keep my head above water. I've copied it to my word but I'll want that gentle reminder from a friend. Love you much...you make the world "make sense". xo


Good morning, Gillian! I come to you on the wake of Christina's love. You were right ~ she should call her blog Beautiful Soul ~ she is amazing. Thank you for your lovely list ~ all of my senses are aglow!


Oh oh yeah...I've never had a Satsuma orange. Guess what I'm going to be looking for when I go out??? :)

Gillian daSilva

They are small & juicy Sherry.


Kensington or St.Lawrence markets probably have...hey!! Let's do a photo trip soon, and we'll fruit shop at the same time. :)


What a precious list. No, my mom wasn't there with cookies and a hug...and I was surprised how much your suggestion touched me. Thank you.
I love your blog, and your profile picture with the magic wand...I will certainly be happy to follow you on your blogging journey. :)
xo country girl


Each simple things list reminds me of yet another simple thing to notice. Thanks for sharing your simple things. A three hour phone call that seems like minutes and a postcard from around the world brought smiles to me this morning.


THIS is just what I've been needing. -sigh- I feel inspired to go and create now. Thanks Gil.


Yes, yes, yes, Gillian! Oh, and Washington DC in the spring is perfect. I used to live down there. The cherry blossoms alone make it spectacular.

Your list is brimming with love and creativity, just like you, my friend. Catching a streetcar to an art store--now that's something you and I should do together sometime . . .

xoxo Gigi


"catching a street car to an art store" sheer love, sweetheart. and the photo... deep sigh for such beauty placed on a window sill.
i send you love and as many flower sill hugs you can carry
one love


Brilliant list, just wonderful! I love that you said the stillness of galleries...I hadn't thought of that but it does feel like sacred space.

Check out www.postcrossings.com - it's a fun site where you can sign up to send and receive postcards from around the world - adding to the joy!

your site, your words are just beautiful, thank you!

Preeti Shenoy

Superb picture Gillian! And an even more wonderful post!

I agree 100% about Yoga and about Love :)

Nice choice of music too :)

I dont know why but your feed fetcher does not seem to be working. I have put a link in my blog to your site and it shows the update as 'four weeks ago'! Do check and set it right.

xo xo

Angie Muresan

Oh yes! What bliss this list is. Children, love, postcards, yoga... I adore your list!


Such a perfect way to drag us out of these dark January days....oh yes to yoga, biking, stretching...it stretches my body and soul.

another simple pleasure for me is visiting your simply beautiful life here.



LOVE... that's my favorite one too! :o) Thank you for your celebration today, Gillian ((HUGS))

Account Deleted

oooh, goodness....
one of my simple pleasures
is looking at the Shutter Sister photos
{{ as linked there on your right }}


this collection of fine camera capturing
ALWAYS and without fail
makes me
smile ---->


with pleasure at what i find there.

{{ sometimes--as with life--
the more you take away,
the more beautiful a thing becomes,
don't you think? }} }}

pam aries

Ahhh..yes ,my wealthy friend, you have said it all. Wish you were here..the wether has been phenomenal.


I think I'll pick five or six things from your list and get busy making myself happy.

Sheila @ Tempus Fugit

It touches my heart that you remember the cookies and the hugs.
Much love,

Gillian daSilva

TypePad HTML Email

How could I forget?
I was going to ramble on about the fresh
bread too, and “Snuggle Time!” and all of the other countless
lovely things you did for us, but I’d be here all day…..xoxo


Tara Bradford

So many DELICIOUS cures for the winter blues here. Lovely and comforting. Miss you! xoxox


I don’t have a pretty skirt :o( I do have a rather striking sarong. Wearing that usually lifts my mood. Probably because I’m at some out of the way beach when I wear it, though.

"...that will illuminate all the small wonders and cast a large shadow over the petty unimportant January-ish things that rule this time of year."

Yep. Stah.

Dinners & Dreams

Gillian, I really really like your writing. And your new Facebook profile picture. And all the simple things you talked about. Happiness is really within reach with small things we sometimes take fir granted. Thank you SO SO much for a most inspiring post.



Kim Mailhot

Enjoying the wonderful of the simple little things today ! I am glad you are too.
Happy End of January to you !

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