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January 10, 2010



Hear Hear to the comfy flannel pjs!!! lol!!!

Great photo -- a very bright and inviting abode!!

Loved The Hollies...they had some great tunes!!


I love flannel pj's, sheets, pillow cases, anything flannel. Way to go! I like that mixture of things with tea. It sounds like a winner.


Ooh! That house is lovely enough to want to move in myself!


That is the coolest, cutest bird house I've ever seen!! I love flannels and soaker tubs too...especially in the winter! Warm...Fuzzy :)


Hooray for comfy jammies and cool birdhouses! What a sweet post, my friend.
xo Gigi

Tara Bradford

Adorable birdhouse and cozy pjs are the only thing for cold winter nights! Your meal reminds me of an Arabic mezza, with a selection of things and you take only what you like. You'll see an authentic one soon! xoxox

Account Deleted

the Hollies!
"""love grows under my umbrella"""
good choice for a fav song.


what a feel*good song
to match the feel*happy bird house!

Kim Mailhot

I hope you sweet sunday leads to a groovy Monday !


Comfy jammies are the very best. I love the idea of Sunday evening tea, I think I will start doing that too.

A very cute bird house. I will show this to my husband, as he loves bird houses.

Did I miss you getting married? I know your were engaged, but didn't know you got married. That must have been when I lost track of you for a short time.


I love that groovy birdhouse. Did you buy it?

Gillian daSilva

My daughter's best friend lives around the corner, and it is on her front yard tree. I asked her mom about them and she is looking into it for me. If I find the source, I'll share!! lol
Cute aren't they? I want one too!


Sooo much sweet, Gillian... love it...Glad you had such a great birthday celebration! :o) And I could happily live in that little birdhouse. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))


i love this little birdhouse. it so makes me smile.


I would love to know what you're reading - maybe regular updates or a list in your side-bar. I know it must be something inspiring or creative or interesting or just plain fun. xo


Macaroni and cheese.

Gillian daSilva

I just finished the Lovely Bones. Sigh. Cried. It was good. An easy read too.

I am now embarking on The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.

Lined up on the nightstand in no particular order:
New Moon
(just cause, deep inside I'm an angst-ridden teen who loves love more than anything)
Pablo Neruda Love Poems
Selected Poems by E.E.Cummings
A BIG BOOK of photography, MAGNUM

Um, and my Canon field guide. And a Bible.


Gillian daSilva

Yes please. Homemade if you don't mind. With a big glass of milk.

Gillian daSilva

oh...an observation, not an offer. oops :)

yes, hip little birds that eat the homemade kind.


lol! Imaging those hip chicks...




my castle in spain

Lovely birdhouse !!
Happy New Year Gillian and belated Happy birthday too and here's to lots of sweet evenings and exciting projects too !!
Besos besos...

Dinners & Dreams

mmm, homemade soup and bread! I would love to have that tonignt, then slip into my pajamas: my idea of heaven!! Btw, I read the Lovely Bones a few years back and loved it. Did you know that it just came out in a movie?


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