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January 03, 2010


Randi Gardner

SO beautiful!

Lisa P

My goodness....they say eyes are the windows to a soul. She certainly has beauty in both!

Kim Mailhot

Such a beautiful image...


Really lovely. So beautiful. How interesting, the dark lashes and blonde hair!


Beautiful eyes...they see much in many different shades I would wager!

You've given me the most marvelous desire for candy cane hot chocolate...some of which I just happen to have here!! It's so cold out (just came in from some errands and saying farewell to my eldest who has driven back to Waterloo) and that would be per...fect!!!

I hope you find your lost links...but I have to agree...if they don't find you or you them, then perhaps it just was not meant to be!! Glad I kept the link!! :)

Gillian daSilva

Santa brought her mascara to wear around the house. :)
Lashes are naturally a dark brown.


That's a great photo. Beautiful eyes. Have a great week.

Tara Bradford

Great shot of your gorgeous girl! xoxox (P.S. Etsy shop is finally up; still lots more to list).

Dinners & Dreams

Hi Gillian,
I love your photos and your daughters beautiful eyes, of course!
Btw, is there a camera you would recommend? I'm looking to upgrade. Feel free to e-mail me:


Thank you so much!


Steve Kubien

Like little gemstones, framing in blond silk. Wonderful picture.

pam aries

Wow... what a shot. Her eye is amazing.


beautiful eyes!

Lori S

First off, gorgeous picture!!! Secondly,I lost you for a bit, but then found you again when you posted a comment on my blog. So glad I did :)


Such beautiful eyes.
I am so glad I found you again. I kept seeing you leave comments on Tara's Paris Parfait and finally I clicked on you there and there you were. Wonderful!

Did my postcard ever arrive?

Account Deleted

i am sitting here drinking this
--->candy-cane hot chocolate

go figure!


{{ how did you know? }}


very pretty, gillian. love the new blog. name. design. all of it. happy new year. enjoy the cocoa. *

Gillian daSilva

Yes indeed! I want to thank you so much for it. Beautiful! Glad you found me. I'm going trolling for blogs later, and I'll leave my virtual lure in the water when I get there...hee hee...meaning my new blog addy. Thanks Marilyn xo


I'm drinking peppermint tea...not quite as indulgent as the candy cane hot cocoa but warming to the toes just the same! Beautiful eyes that girl of yours has! Thanks for the new link...I'm glad I'm one of the ones who was meant to "re-find" you :)


Your daughter is so beautiful. And her eyes. My Jeffrey calls them kaleidoscope eyes.

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

That eye! Such beautiful colors~lucky girl:)

Dharma in the Garden

Glad I've found you again - wouldn't want to miss your amazing photographs and I do love reading your posts. Thanks for inspiring me to greatness! Meantime I'm enjoying my own lazy, pj day dreaming and planning all kinds of things for 2010.


yayy!!!! Found you!!!!! I thought your site was under renovation....kept on coming back to 'why I don't go to Disney land'. And after reading it tonite i thought no...this is not gillian...where is she!!!!
Love your wand!!! Magic!!! xx

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