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January 06, 2010


Wayfaring Wanderer

Glad to hear you had a Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I love your new toque :D


What is a birthday without a little Bert and Ernie? And a little "U"!!?? Too cool!!!

I'm glad to hear your day started off so lovely..and aside from lining up for the license and the health card (I still have my red and white one and am hanging on to it for dear life!!!), plus trying on jeans (one of the 10 most dreaded things I find!!), it looks like it's going to be an A+ day. It's sunny and not snowing...and you've got your red toque (because, lets face it, red is best!)...and a sunny smile.

Wishing you a 40th year of joy, creativity, mindfulness, and that peace and stillness you are questing for.

Prayers and positive thoughts going out for your dad...fingers and toes crossed too!! xo

Lisa Oceandreamer

You have a gift - the gift is YOU. a YOU that looks at life with soulful integrity, who loves genuinely, who CAN see the forest for the trees. YOU whose words melt the heart and create thought. YOU who can hold a hand that is oceans away or lift a spirit from a great distance. YOU who has the capability to make even the most rushed STOP, just for a moment and breathe in. YOU who has the pleasure of mothering two beautiful daughters who are learning by your example of love and grace. YOU are supposed to receive gifts today but it is you who give a gift to the rest of us EVERY day. YOU carry light too and I wish you THE happiest birthday filled with all things bright and enchanting. Celebrate the end of a decade and embarking on a new one....entering 40 and fabulous.
I may be bad at making calls or sending cards or gifts but never, ever think the sentiment isn't there even if it simply comes in these words in a comment.
Much love,


Happy Birthday Beautiful Soul!
May this year bring you all the very best!
Adore you~ Love you!
Will say prayers for your father and light a candle rihgt now!!
I'm glad you were born and that we found one another in this curious way! That came into my life.
I sing along
Happy Happy Birthday friend~ ~ ~~

Much love,

Tara Bradford

Bonne anniversaire, cher bebe! A surprise is waiting for you at Paris Parfait. Happy, happy day to you! xoxox


Have a blessed and magical bday!! May this year hold many wonders and adventures bigger and better than the imagination can conceive! You are a divine creation and He smiles on you today! xo
PS..love the toque..I so CAN'T wear hats!!

Steve Kubien

I tend to click links as a I read through blogs and when I clicked on your "long and lean" link, it said (among other things), "lift the seat, slim the hips, and lengthen the legs." Ummm, that sounds painful. Oh well, Happy Birthday anyway!


Account Deleted

birthday 2 U, missy!


peace and stillness
come your way
even when you are
not thinking about it...

Kim Mailhot

Happy, happy Birthday, Gillian !!!! May this year be filled with many things that fill your heart like your red toque does !
Big Hugs !


The planet got so excited that year that Mount Etna erupted.

Happy Birthday, Gillian dahlink. May your meditations always bring peace, your midrises always be comfortable, and all sorrows, as you pass, politely step aside.

Love & stuff,


Lisa Swifka

I realized how remiss I was in not wishing your dear father all the best with the latest surgery! I will keep in my thoughts and as we know a collective of healing whispers goes a long way!


Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for all the gifts you give your readers all year round! You are a joy!


And prayers for your father..... xoxo


Celebrating with U tonight. Hope your day was full of delectable pleasures.
Sove you lo much!


Happy Birthday, Gillian. May the universe bring you everything that you need and more of what you desire in this, your 40th year. I am looking forward to meeting you in Jordan.


Happy Birthday to you. I'm a January girl too. Next week I celebrate my many wonderful years.:D Hope you had a great day.

Dinners & Dreams

Happy Birthday, Gillian. So, you're a capricorn! I now understand why you're so kind and talented :)

I wish you the very best on your birthday and throughout the year! Have a fabulous day!!




Happy Birthday to you dear Gillian! It sounds like it was a very special day.

Di Overton

Happy Birthday Gillian. Been there done that (39), been there done that (49), this year I am going there to do that (59). Can't believe I even got this far :) Hope you had a fabulous day.
Designers Block


Happy Birthday, Gillian! Wishing a very beautiful day today, and always! :o) I turned 37 on December 30th...so closing in on 40 too--LOL! Best wishes and prayer to you father--may all be well for him. LOVE the red hat you're sporting... and this new place of yours!((HUGS))

Lori S

Happy Birthday!!! I celebrated 40 in September. It was tough, but then I realized it was just a number.

Prayers for your dad as well.


Happy, happy birthday to you dear and talented Gillian. May your year be full of excitement, laughter, and happy surprises.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY love! Wishing you many, many more.

love that photo too.

A Fanciful Twist

I am late, I'm late for a very very important date!! I have been hiding under a crochet blanket for 24 hours, whilst crocheting. And i felt like, there was something out there, something magical happening, of course, it was YOUR VERY MERRY little Birthday!! Yipppeeee YAY!! Yahoooooey!

You are such an amazing kind woman. There are no words to properly share what I think and feel when I think about you. But let me try - It is like something between totally zen and totally fabulous party, which would be perfect bliss ;)

I hope you have a gorgeous year, many prayers for your father and your whole beautiful family as well.

Much Love, V

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Happy Birthday Gillian!May this be the best year yet for you:) The best gift would definitely be your father's full recovery..send you and him all my best:)


Happy Birthday, my love!!
I send you love and light.
You just mean the world to me.
Eah naw!~
ps: prayers for your father, come from my heart.


Happy Birthday Gillian!! Just LOOK at all the wonderful changes...

wishing you the best year! YOu deserve it!

thinking of your father too


maggie may

happy birthday! i am glad to have stumbled here. :)


happy birthday gillian! you have been such an inspiration to me and i can't wait to see all the fabulous things that will happen to you in the coming year! blessings to you and extra prayers for your father. xo


oh sweet woman. happiest of birthdays to you and prayers for your father. i turn 39 next month. you are in my thoughts. xo


A happy happy belated birthday to you, my dear. I wish you a year full of happy moments.

Sending prayers for your dad.

Preeti Shenoy

Missed your b'day!

But the wishes are deep and sincere.
May you achieve all that your heart desires Gillian!

I celebrated my 38th in India on 21st December. Truly agree about absolutely LOVING family and friends.I'm like that too :)

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