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December 28, 2009


Steve Kubien

I can see the appeal of Spanish guitars but, personally, I have always loved a flute at weddings. Simple is a church organ. Still simple but better is a church piano. I believe organ should be played by John Lord of Deep Purple and only him.


We had an organ at our Church wedding back in another millenium (lol!) and Spanish guitar seems suitably you. But Steve's idea of a flute is also lovely. Whatever you choose you know it will be "perfection" for you.

I loved "The Time Traveler's Wife", though I was not as enamored of the 2nd novel, "Her Fearful Symmetry".

If I have read a book (a current novel) I simply won't watch the film...as you do, I develop my own image of the characters and in the past whenever I have done this I'm sorely disappointed. My exceptions are films of Jane Austen novels or as I did this weekend, I'll watch "Sherlock Holmes" because it's more the story with Conan Doyle.

There is something satisfying and delightful about losing myself in someone else's words and imagination that I can take part in by using my own imagination in conjunction.


"more likely to be teastains", my fanny... :D

I <3ed "Time Traveller's Wife" very much. Really must read it again. Thanks for the reminder.

Please reassure me that we still are discussing actual books, now, or do you mean >cringe< Kindle or something?

Randi Gardner

We played sinatra, martin, and the whole crew at our wedding. Spanish guitars sound beautiful. I love that sound.. I'm thinking of the Chocolat soundtrack now. My sweetie bought me a Moleskin for Christmas (the kind that flips at the top.) They are the best!

I need to read a good book, I always watch the movie first it seems.. I like that you wont.. smart.. now that I think of it, it doesnt give me the freedom to draw my own pictures of the story.

Anyway, I love that chair in your picture.. so pretty.

Tara Bradford

I am ambivalent about Time Traveler's Wife; not nearly as much of a fan as so many seem to be. As long as I'm confessing, I don't like the vampire series on American television either or the Vampire books(the last one I liked was Dark Shadows, which I saw as a small child). And I don't understand people who take Polaroids to the exclusion of all other photography. I took Polaroids as a child; guess I'm done with that and have moved on. So this is a long-winded way of saying I don't follow the crowds, although I do appreciate many things about popular culture.

I, too, have a red Moleskin still in its wrapping. I also have a brand new Kindle, which is very useful for travel (saves on luggage weight) and does not mean I would ever give up my hundreds, no thousands of books - it doesn't have to be one or the other, after all. I have a Mac and a PC; both have their purposes.

I happen to love Spanish guitar, but it would depend on your wedding's location about what type of music you'd like, I expect. Your wedding should reflect your own unique personality and tastes; that way it will be special, no matter where it is or what music you choose! xoxox

Gillian daSilva

Do not cringe. It is a paper book. However, Santa himself gifted me with a Sony Touch Reader. :D
It is so I can carry with me 3000 books instead of one. It is for traveling. :D
With 4 gigs of memory, who needs a library? But, tis going to be expensive, know an underground digital book dealer???? xoxo

Gillian daSilva

Like you, I don't follow crowds. Things come to me in their own time, if at all. Some things I give a miss to, all together! I agree, there are trends in photography that are fun but still, the real skill I believe, perhaps wrongly but humbly none-the-less, that it is up to the individual's eye, for how a photo will or will not turn out. I like Polaroid, but not exclusively. I think I would tire of it rather quickly. I actually aspire to more advanced forms of photography, which right now seem quite out of my league. (Think Burn magazine-type portrait work and fine art type stuff. Like I said, I've a long way to go. That is part of the fun.)
I'm only JUST getting into the vampire stuff, because I'm watching with my 9 year old. So, I have to endure it. I'm talking Twilight. Full of teen angst, something I'm well past.
Geez, we could chat all night. Pull up a chair Tara....xoxox

Grey Street Girl

I loved both the book and the movie. Of course, I read the book first and was totally enchanted by the characters too. I think Rachel McAdams was a perfect Clare.

Congrats on the new e-reader! I don't read real books anymore. I have to use an iPod and listen on my way to and from work or else I just won't have the time. I love real books but such is live these days.


We had the typical taped music. See, we married in Lake Tahoe Nevada at the Love Chapel with Rev. Raymond L Love officiating and that's what they had.
It was fun.

Gillian daSilva

That sounds cooler than cool. I want him to do my wedding. That is a great name. ;D


Yes! Spanish guitar, as in Pepe
Romero. Or...well, flute sounds good too. Reminds me of white, flowing skirts and ivy headbands. xoxo


Spanish guitar would be beautiful - but whatever is meaningful to the two of you is what works, I think. Ours was so long ago, that we had an Enya TAPE playing - hardly anyone else at the wedding had heard of her yet, lol - afterwards everyone was asking who that was...our wedding was very last minute-spontaneous (piknik at a park, kinda thing) - but it was a meaningful song - and moment - for us at the time.
I both did and didn't, enjoy The Time Traveler's Wife -it was well-written, imaginative - a riveting story -- though even while I loved it, I wanted it to be different, if that makes any sense. I haven't read her latest book yet. I'm not into the Twilight books at all, though many of my friends are...Right now I've just started reading Barbara Kingsolver's "The Lakuna" (book presents make me so happy!) I'm reading slowly though, trying to savor it.
Your new site is lovely, Gillian. Wishing you a happy New Year!

pam aries

Bonjour my friend... Your new digs are delicious and richly rich in all the good things in life. Merci !

Lisa Swifka

Ah here's to new beginnings my beautiful friend! There is a soft "rhythm" here...almost like a whisper yet very inviting for deep thought and intimate chats.

As for music for your wedding....it should fit who you and Julian are as people. It should reflect your vision, the ambiance and the story you are telling on that momentous day. So if the lovely strains of Spanish guitar fit that...by all means you should have it. When I walked down the "aisle"...actually up the steps of a gazebo....we had a friend playing the song "Simple Gifts" on a flute. Our first dance was to the Beatles "In My Life" (we had live musicians)

I love to read a book that when it comes to a close I am destraught the story is over. I am not in to any of the vampire anything, not my style. I have several books waiting to be cracked open, all different. That's me....I walk, talk, create, write, read etc. to the beat of my own drummer. I may appear odd but at least I am authentic. As are you - I didn't mean odd...I mean authentic! :)
Let us make a pact to reconnect via phone and one day in person this year!!
Lots of love,


rod stewart. there is something very "swoon" about rod stewart and his love songs.


22 years ago I had a spanish guitar and a flute for my wedding. my favorite song at the time was called about strange lands and people (appropriate for me) by Schumann. it's a piano piece but sounded great with my combo.
happy new year


(I say ripe because, like a fresh tomato, it hasn't been savoured yet...it awaits the pen like the red fruit awaits the chopping block for a salad...! My salad, will be my musings, thoughts, notes, and single words of inspiration.)

You, my dear, inspiring friend, are a genius. Pure genius. That's exactly how my new journals feel - ripe.


Now how did I miss your move? I kept going to Indigo Blue and thought something was wrong with your sight. Here you were having a party and I missed it. Now I have found you again and will enjoy your story once more.

Gillian daSilva

Sorry about that. It seems that a lot of people are trying to find me, I've erroneously changed the domain name, and duh, now people can't find me.
I'll correct it soon, glad you found me. xoxo

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