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December 13, 2009


Tara Bradford

How fantastic to have your own space, to create, to dream, to exercise! And hooray for lovely African violets! xoxox

Steve Kubien

"Studio" is a funny word. For some it sounds rather pretenious. For me, it is where I create something totally unique. My garage is both "shop" and "Studio". If I am making 1 dozen of the same thing or doing production work (like spurtles for example), or prepping wood to go on the lathe (cutting to length, rounding offf corners, cleaning (well, I assume cleaning since I never actually do that)...then it is a "shop". When I get to doing a bowl, or a peppermill, or an urn, that is when my shop becomes a "studio". I think it has something to do with the level of refinement of the piece I am working on and how much I have to think and feel the work.

Great post! Enjoy your studio!

Kim Mailhot

Blooming African violets are such a treat ! I have some gorgeous fushia ones in full bloom right now on the bay window in my studio. I am lucky enough to have an entire room filled with my tools and toys, and light and greenery and friends through my blogland trips. That is high on my own gratitude list today.
Enjoy your studio decking, Gillian an dhappy Sunday !


Gillian, your violets are so beautiful! They just needed the right spot, and you found it! There is something especially rewarding in bringing along something beautiful and fragile like that. Hooray for you and your pretty plant.

My studio is my father's old writing desk. It is older than I am. It comforts me to use it, and I feel there is something of him in it. That makes me happy.


The video is quite an art form, very creative. How wonderful you have a studio space to create. It sets our hearts free when creating.


African violets, Emilia's Yonder, a world of your own... Inspiring. Enjoyed each moment of this visit.


Proving once again that we all have our "place" and if we are in the "right" environment we will bloom and grow! Hooray for the African violet!!!

Declaring a day wonderful, determining a "space" is a studio -- all in how you say and what you say...here, here on that!!

I loved the video -- gorgeous colours and shapes and the sounds worked so well with every "bloom" (if you want to call them that).

The oil looks amazing...is that only available wholesale or can it be purchased anywhere?


Great post. You are right about what the word studio can mean. I loved that video. By the way, where can one order the oil for the hair. ahem. :D Sounds like I could go Moroccan a day. Oh I'll follow that link and see if it takes me there. Thanks. Have a great week.


Blooming African violets are, indeed, something to be thankful for. Mine just finished blooming, and now the amaryllis is about to open--wow! What a gift.

I so love your thoughts about one's studio space. Back at my "real" home in Massachusetts where I'll be again next week, my studio is a big open space that's also our bedroom, the hangout room, and whatever else we need it to be at any given moment. And we photography girls are lucky, like you said, because, really, the world is our studio! Hooray.

Tonight your blog is definitely one of the things I'm grateful for. You rock, Gillian! xo Gigi


yes! having a dedicated space, even if this means a desk in a corner all your own is such a wonderful luxury. I feel so very fortunate to have an entire room/studio...all mine, well and the pugs...



Saw your good riddance to "fake ass" people decree at Maryam's place and had to see what you were about.

I've been in the heart of the art market world (Art Basel Miami Beach) recently, where I sensed some big fakers,pretenders, schmoozers. . .I need this imagery to cleanse the palette!

Gillian daSilva

lol! I can be a little over zealous with my comments sometimes. I feel particularly connected to that post that Maryam did, in my own life. So, I took her analogy of "essences" and put my own spin on it.

Thank you for dropping by! xo

Graciel @ Evenstar Art

You, Dear Gillian, are always a breath of freshness for me. My own 'studio' space is sadly neglected, due to, yes, too much going on at once, including way too little contact from my Gypsy King (drat the army!). And here is my confession...I am slowly picking away at your stash of rose Turkish Delight, needing some sweetness in my days of stress. If I manage to eat it all before we meet (a balmy day in January, I hope?) I promise you a bigger bag next time I go to Istanbul...hopefully in the spring.

You are sunshine to my soul.

xo, Graciel

Gillian daSilva

Oh my! Eat it ALL Graciel. Please. I love turkish delight....LOVE IT! But you must eat it. And yes, that said, we will still meet after the Christmas madness. I know I can get away for a day. We'll meet earlier and stay later this time. To allow for proper lunch and dinner, and chatting.

I have a new phone, and lost my old numbers because I lost my old phone charger...anyways...email me all your contact info if you could, so I can update it. I have no cell number for you now.
Your home number too, please.

Enjoy this day, and I'm sure you will hear from him very soon. Stay happy!


Deciding on a wonderful day... I love that, and very much relate to that, Gillian! :o) Have fun in your studio... It is snowing here today--I'm wrapping Christmas gifts and writing cards in my studio today. Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

my castle in spain

oh yes..i know what you mean by having a studio of your own! Enjoy it, dear Gillian...
I envy you your green fingers. The African violets are superb..!
Have a great creative day then!


Love that you have a nice B I G studio!! It was worth the move!!!
AND YES to making the important decision when you wake up:
This is the BEST day of my LIFE!!!!!!!


i love that you are deciding the fate of your day! me too, me too!

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