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December 10, 2009



Hey I love your socks. You look very comfy in your home. Life is great! Weird as it may be, it snowed here in Modesto a couple of days ago and it's been cold, brrrr cold ever since. Have a great day at work and I love knee high socks. Take care


Maine, too. From t-shirts to parkas in less than a week--ya gotta love livin' up north. I so, so love Secret Garden, the book and the film. I teach the novel in my Children's Lit class, and I never ever get tired of it.

Happy Holidays and Happy First Snowfalls, Gillian! xo


Those socks look yummy...it's been frigid here too, uncharacteristically for our fair city, and we've been enjoying the cozy days of hearth and home.

Tara Bradford

The socks are great - cozy and warm and that's what you need in such biting cold! Love that movie - we've watched it a 100 times too, when Jordana was younger. Snuggle up and stay warm! (You make it look like a heatwave in Paris, in comparison to your hometown). :) xoxox


I HAD to come and see the stripey cashmere sox! Gillian's stylin' now. I have some stripey sox, too, but they aren't cashmere. I'm jealous!

I am a huge fan of "A Secret Garden." Does she know about "A Little Princess" which is also based on a Burnett book (and is better than the book)? Much as I love ASG, I love ALP even better. In fact it is one of my favorite movies ever, period. I'm not talking about the old Shirley Temple version. I mean the one they made in the 90s.

There is also one called "Return To The Secret Garden" which isn't bad, either. I enjoyed that one, too.

We are f-f-freezing our little tushies off here in Michigan. Poor penguins. Proper headwear is essential! LOL.


u have painted a picture of ur lovely winter household in charming and effusive words. so much that i wish i was there to share this snow-adventure with u guys, as i told u, havent seen actual snow in my short life yet :D

love u blue, keep writing, keep loving.
*hugs* to ur beautiful girls.

- adee (all the way from the normal 8 degree celcius winter of new delhi, india)


I love those socks! And "the secret garden" is love!


I could have used those socks the past couple of weeks. Yikes. (Though it probably was warmer here than there. :)

I loved the book The Secret Garden. Did not realize there was a movie too. I will have to cook for it.


not cook for it, LOL, look or it. If I cooked for it, it might run far away. Hee.

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