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December 17, 2009



Happy, happy weekend before Christmas! Let the celebrating begin.

Tara Bradford

So lovely! Happy, happy. Joy, joy. xoxox

soeurs du jour

oh gillian how dare you tempt us with a memory of skinny dipping. it's 27 below here today and since you live not to far from me.....i bet it is so not skinny dipping weather there either. i only wish i was up in those haliburton highland at the cottage, skinny dipping. or maybe a beach in costa rica. you have a great weekend.


Great stuff! That video from AMNH was incredible!


That video was fascinating, Gillian. To think how truly small we humans are in the grand scheme of the universe! This video makes the idea that there is intelligent life on other planets a real possibility, too.

Gillian daSilva

yes!!!!!! that is exactly what I said to Julian....omg....there HAS to be! I said. :)


beautiful images Gillian :-)


We are so teeny~tiny, that the Stars can't see us skinny dipping even under a purple moon!
Hope your holidays are happy so far!!!!!!!!
Beautiful post~beautiful you!!

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