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December 12, 2009



YOU are treasured and loved! Deeply!



You're the best birthday horoscope/blogpost a guy could wish for! Infinite blessings back to you...and some sleep, too! ;)

Tara Bradford

So many reasons I adore you... xoxox


This is one of the BEST lists I have read in a long time Gillian. You are a breath of fresh air when the world around me seems "clogged" and you help me to sift through and see what matters. I'm linking to you today because this needs to be read by many.

Wishing you everything on your list and then some!! xoxox


Postcard on its way from GraceGal. It's in an envelope cause it's sort of a postcard- all I had:) Great Post.


gillian, a big thank you. what a beautiful sentiment.

Kim Mailhot

My soul sister/friend Sherry sent me here, and I am so grateful to her for that ! This list is magnificent ! It makes me want to paint it big on my wall and read it each day when I awake and treat myself to a day fulfilling that list every single day !
Thank you for the soul inspiration !
Writing down your address as speak...
Big Love to you, Gillian !


Gillian, what a wonderful list. I will send a link to my sister, who lives in Greater Toronto, and sorely needs the encouragement contained here. Thanks so much!

Kate Robertson

Hi Blue,

Lovely list my dear. My postcard will come a little later when I am feeling a little better. I hate being ill at Christmas but it is what it is. Thanks for the happy thoughts today.



Sherry Lee sent me here today. So glad I took her advice (she's always so good at pointing me in the right direction). Your list is sweet, indeed!


And I love you....
As always sending it to you in gentle vibrant chi. Swirling around and hugging you all.
And upon a postcard as well this year.


You are one magical sweet girl! I adore youxx


beautiful list


Thank you for all the fine wishes and for the photograph of the snowman too Gillian!
I wish everything for you, that you wish for yourself!



You completely rock, you really do, sweet girl! Can I boomerang all those wishes right back to you? Hope you are happy, warm, and hugged tonight! xo Gigi


Happy Birthday Girl!
What an amazing list. Thanks for thinking of me when you look at the stars, I will return it back to you.

A card will be on it's way to you soon.

Paula Bogdan

I found you via Sherry, and I'll certainly be back! I love, love, love your list. I need to copy it and print it out...such wonderful wishes!


Hello lovely! What a beautiful list, filled with love.
I send you blessings
with cherries on top
This is truly filled with kindness.
You warm me.


great list. enjoyed that a lot.


I love your snowman. he's sweet and gentle looking, much like the elephant man (who I adore).


Your snowman looks like my aunt Harriet - she smoked a corn cob pipe too. Hey, isn't that a touque? Aunt Harriet all over!

Thanks for the heads up on my meat loaf. I'd better bring back my scampi. Next time you're here we'll jitterbug. To dance is to live.

Wishing you twelve hugs today, mon Bleux... three for you, and three apiece for yours.

Bev Baird

What a lovely list to wish anyone! Thanks you!
Have sent off a card neighbour! (I am in Cambridge!)


You are a joy! and I am putting a postcard in the mail to you tomorrow...



lovely list...and soon you shall get a postcard from me.



thank you for the fabulous, wonderful, list of wishes. right back at you, my dear!

Steve Kubien

It is all about the sunshine and happiness and you are truly a beacon for both. I am sighing contently after reading this. Thanks.

Dinners & Dreams

I love these good wishes. They're so full of meaning!



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